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Connecticut Couple Photography Model Call

Calling all Connecticut couples: Terrence Irving Photography is running a model call!

I’m excited to announce the very first Terrence Irving Photography model call! This one is for COUPLES of any kind who are willing to take part in a complimentary Connecticut couple photography session. These 30-minute sessions will take place the weekend of 8/10-8/11 at Harkness Memorial State Park in Waterford. Participating couples will be compensated with beautiful prints of themselves from their session!

Recently, WFSB reported that about half of Connecticut residents are planning to leave the state in the next five years. So, there’s a fifty-fifty chance that you, the reader, are planning to depart. Wouldn’t you like your picture taken before you go? (That’s supposed to be funny; of course I hope you stay!)

OK, here come the details. Would you rather skip right to signing up? Then scroll all the way to the end of this blog post for the entry questionnaire!

These two, whose engagement session I shot at Harkness this summer, were the inspiration for this Connecticut couple photography model call!

Questions and Answers About this Connecticut Couple Photography Session Model Call

Understandably, you probably have questions about this Connecticut couple photography model call. Let’s get those answered now.

What’s a model call?

Good question! Here’s how I define it:

A published request for a specific type of photography client (or model), for a predetermined type of photography session.

In this case, I, your potential photographer, am looking for couples with a story to tell who would like to take part in a complimentary Connecticut couple photography session.

Are we talking about professional modeling here?

Not at all! Professional, unprofessional, it doesn’t matter. I’m just looking for real people.

When and where is this free Connecticut couple photography session taking place?

Each session, if I end up choosing multiple couples, will take place on either Saturday, 8/10 or Sunday, 8/11. So that we’ll have good light, we’ll aim for around sunrise or sunset. If I end up with multiple participants, then the sessions will be scheduled consecutively.

Who’s eligible to participate?

In this case, the criteria for eligible couples couple are:

  1. Both members are 18 or older (this simplifies things from a legal standpoint) and are willing to sign model release forms.
  2. They have a story to tell and are willing to tell it in words (questionnaire; see below) and in pictures (remember: “A picture’s worth a thousand words”). Collectively, the two individuals have personality and don’t mind showing it in front of the camera. I like to have fun at my sessions!
  3. They live on or near the Connecticut shoreline, or are willing to travel to it a few times to take part in my experience.

What do we have to do to sign up and get chosen for this Connecticut couple photography model call session?

I’ve created a questionnaire, at the end of this post, that you can fill out. It’s only available until Monday, 7/29, so create your submission now! I’ll go through the submissions and notify my chosen couple(s) that night.

What’s this going to cost us?

Nothing! You’ll go through my normal artistically-engineered photography process. The session fee, however, will be waived!

In addition to a great experience, the couples will receive prints and a digital image for their participation.

During the post-session viewing and ordering meeting, you’ll be free to buy any additional artwork that you’d like, but there’s no obligation to do so!

What do we get for participating?

Participating couples will receive:

  1. A complimentary, 30-minute Connecticut couple photography session at Harkness.
  2. One 8×10 or 8×12 mounted print.
  3. Two 5×7 mounted prints.
  4. One watermarked digital image with social media posting rights.

If we enter and are chosen to taken part, what exactly do we have to do as part of this Connecticut couple photography model call?

You’ll be taking part in my normal process. So, the selected couples will do something like this:

  1. Meet with me for a pre-session consultation. These meetings usually last 15-30 minutes, during which we’ll sign the contract and model release paperwork. We’ll pick a day, either 8/10 or 8/11, and set a time for your session. I’ll also cover the details of my artwork offerings so that you can start thinking about your selections.
  2. Take part in the 30-minute session at Harkness. Did you know I recently shot an engagement session there?
  3. Meet with me for the post-session viewing and ordering consultation. With a 30-minute session, I typically have at least 12 finished photos for the clients to view and choose from. At this time, you’ll make your choices for your complimentary images. You’ll also have the opportunity to purchase any extras that you’d love to take home.
  4. Once your prints make their way back to me from my print lab partner, I’ll reach out for delivery!

What’s the approximate timeline again?

  • Evening of Monday, 7/29: Submissions close and chosen couple/couples will be notified via email and phone.
  • Between Monday, 7/29 and Thursday, 8/8: Pre-session meetings will occur.
  • Saturday 8/10 or Sunday 8/11: Session/sessions will take place.
  • By 8/31: Couple will choose and receive their prints and digital image.

Why are you doing this?

For portfolio building! By now, you know that I love taking pictures of people. I’m looking to get a few more in front of my camera right now.

So, are you ready to sign up, check out the artistically-engineered photography experience, and get some free prints? Then please scroll to the end of this post for the questionnaire.

Oh, and if you know anyone who may be interested in this Connecticut couple photography model call, please share this post with them. Thank you for reading and I look forward to take your pictures next month! See you soon.

See you at Harkness for a complimentary Connecticut couple photography session!

Entries are now closed. Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry!

This model call may be over, but I can still tell your story.

Just click below, send me an email, and we’ll begin talking about your couple portrait session.

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