An east coast person myself, it took me many years to truly appreciate how special New York City really is. These days, I love it. In this post, I’ll highlight why a Brooklyn engagement session is a great way to kick off your wedding journey. It’ll end with some photos with my couple in Grand Central Terminal, too.

A couple kisses during their Brooklyn engagement session.

What’s the best borough for an NYC engagement session?

Brooklyn is the best borough for a New York City engagement session. There are plenty of opportunities to not only get artistic engagement photos, but also to have fun as a couple.

Best Places for Brooklyn Engagement Session Photos


DUMBO, or Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass, is a neighborhood in Brooklyn. The namesake vantage point is located on Washington Street. Here, you can get a really cool view of the Empire State Building centered underneath one of the stanchions of the Manhattan Bridge. The view is spectacular, going across the East River into Manhattan.

A couple poses in DUMBO during their Brooklyn engagement session.

One of the more popular locations for New York engagement photos, DUMBO is easily accessible. You could grab a subway from Grand Central, for example, and get off at the York Street stop. There’s plenty of parking available on the surrounding streets (but you know how that goes in the city).

An engagement shoot at DUMBO is bound to make your wedding journey memorable. It’s definitely one of my favorite spots as a wedding photographer, having been there a couple of times to take pictures.

2. Jane’s Carousel

Engagement photos in Brooklyn wouldn’t be complete without visiting Jane’s Carousel with your photographer. This location, which is actually in the DUMBO neighborhood, is particularly unique for your New York engagement photo shoot. Certainly, it’s not everyday that you come across a fully functional carousel in a city!

The carousel has 48 horses on it and was created in 1922 by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company. If you want to up the fun during your engagement session, then be sure to actually go for a ride. Jane’s is open six days a week and only costs $2 to get on.

While you probably knew this already, it’s worth pointing out… Just like other areas of NYC that you’ll explore, you’ll have to wait your turn to capture photos at this attraction. Lots of people visit Jane’s Carousel, so work with your photographer to time your shoot here well.

3. Any of Brooklyn’s great restaurant or bars

According to Time Out New York, Brooklyn’s restaurant scene “is one of the finest in the world.” This is only fitting, seeing as how all of NYC is known as a haven for foodies. In my opinion, incorporating food and drinks into your Brooklyn engagement session is a beautiful idea.

A couple holds hands and walks together towards the right, acrcoss the street past an Amazon van, during their engagement session in Brooklyn.

Empire Stores, right near Jane’s Carousel and Bridge Park, is chock full of restaurants in Brooklyn. Conveniently, it even has public restrooms available if you decide to change your outfit for a different look during your engagement session.

In a parking garage, a couple races each other during their Brooklyn engagement session.

I always tell my couples that a happy stomach makes for a great engagement photoshoot. And while you’re out there looking for the perfect place to grab a bite with your photographer, you’ll likely find interesting spots for photos along the way.

Other Brooklyn Engagement Session Location Options

Brooklyn is its own little world! There are plenty of other things to do and places to see in his beautiful borough, such as Prospect Park and Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

Engagement Photos at Grand Central Terminal

A couple poses for a photo in Grand Central Terminal during their engagement session.

You might recognize the couple in the engagement photos you’re seeing in this post from their Middletown CT wedding. When I met Melissa and Joe for their shoot, we actually got started their engagement photos at Grand Central Terminal before heading to DUMBO.

Historic New York Location for Engagement Photos

A groom-to-be holds his fiancé on his back as they both smile during their Brooklyn engagement session.

Grand Central Terminal opened to the public for use in 1913. It’s one of the busiest locations in NYC, with 750,000 visitors everyday. To a wedding photographer, of course, it’s just plain beautiful. The architecture and artwork adoring this building serve as a great backdrop for which to capture your engagement photos!

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