An engaged couple stands and faces each other, gently embracing and smiling, while standing in front of a boathouse during their Glastonbury engagement session.

Allison and Dan’s Glastonbury Engagement

The wedding couple I’ll profile in this quick post wanted their engagement session to take place in a place that’s very familiar to them. Here’s a look at Allison and Dan’s Glastonbury engagement session.

Glastonbury Boathouse Engagement Photos

Allison and Dan are natives of this town. Naturally, they wanted to enjoy their engagement session in Glastonbury. The focal point was The Glastonbury Boathouse. This venue is right along the Connecticut River, right next to Riverfront Park.

An engaged couple kisses in front of The Glastonbury Boathouse.

After we left the Boathouse, I headed to another location in town with Allison and Dan. Having met them at their friends’ wedding in New York the summer before, I knew they had a dog named Chief. Fortunately, he was willing to hang out a little and take some pictures.

A couple walks hand in hand with their Rottweiler dog during their Glastonbury engagement session.
A couple embraces near the rubble of an old factory building during their Glastonbury engagement session.

I always tell the couples I work with to choose engagement session locations based on sentiment first. That’s what Allison and Dan did. Whether you want to go to New Haven, Wethersfield, or have an engagement session in Boston, go with your heart in choosing a spot for photos. Everything else is secondary by comparison!

Other Glastonbury Engagement Session Ideas

Allison and Dan did well at factoring their engagement session into their wedding planning. They knew exactly which locations they wanted in town. (It probably helped that they had an awesome wedding planner on their team.)

A couple wears football jerseys and hats and laughs together in a truck during their Glastonbury engagement session.

In Greater Hartford, Glastonbury is one of the suburban areas with a good balance between pretty good night life and plenty of daytime things to do for couples and families. Here are some other location ideas for an engagement session in Glastonbury:

  • Glastonbury Hills Country Club: If you two are into golf and interested in incorporating that into your engagement session, consider this golf course. Note that it’s private, but they apparently allow play by non-members.
  • Date night at a restaurant or bar: The Main Street and Hebron Avenue area of Glastonbury is known for its restaurants and bars. Plan B Glastonbury (AKA Burgers Beer Bourbon), Bin228 Gastropub, and First & Last Tavern are possible locations.
  • Blackledge Falls Trails: If you’re hikers (or just like the idea of being outdoors for your engagement session), consider Blackledge. This trail and small waterfall are right along a small Connecticut river of the same name.
A couple holds hands and walks together at The Glastonbury Boathouse during their engagement session in Glastonbury.

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Working with Allison and Dan during their Glastonbury engagement session was plenty of fun. They ended up getting married nearby at Webb Barn in Old Wethersfield.

Working on planning your own wedding and engagement session? I’d love to connect with you! To learn more, just use these links.

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