A couple poses in front of a large, red barn at the University of Connecticut during winter.

Introduction: Back to School with UConn Engagement Sessions

According to Almanac.com, we have about a month left of winter here in Connecticut. I know what you’re thinking: this winter has been big on the cold but low on the snow. From a photography standpoint and as a New England lover, I’d have to agree with you.

But don’t despair, the winners of my winter Connecticut engagement photography session giveaway contest helped me create some great winter photos to share with you. Read on for more about Hayley and Brendon’s UConn engagement session!

Horsebarn Hill Reeds

The backstory to this UConn engagement session: their love started in college. Though they met as kids long before college, Hayley and Brendon relationship began as freshmen at UConn.

Thinking of a location for their winter Connecticut engagement session, then, was easy: the Horsebarn Hill farm area of UConn.

A man in a gray coat and woman in a tartan scarf stand in front of golden reeds during their UConn engagement session.

These two really braved the cold and wind that day! It was below freezing and the wind was whipping around pretty steadily. Fortunately, my portrait sessions tend to keep you physically moving around, so at least they weren’t sitting in one spot getting cold for too long.

At one point, we ventured over to Hayley’s freshman year dorm and I captured these two going for a stroll!

Going for a stroll near the old freshman year dorm.

And pausing to stare into each other’s eyes.

A tender moment between an engaged man and woman during their UConn engagement session.

The UConn Dairy Bar: I Scream, You Scream

Scouting the area before my couple arrived, I found the best rock ever. Naturally, then, I asked Hayley and Brendon to have a seat on it.

Conveniently, this rock was right behind the world-famous UConn Dairy Bar! That’s right, folks. If you visit UConn (or Storrs, or Mansfield) for any reason at all, you must do yourself a delicious favor and stop in for some ice cream. These two opted for a milkshake.

An engaged couple shares a milkshake with red straws during their UConn engagement session.

I’ll be honest: after loading the car to head home, I ran back in and grabbed one for the road!

Jacobson Barn: Big Red

Knowing beforehand that Hayley and Brendon really like barns, I had my thinking cap on for this session. Luckily, picturesque Jacobson Barn greets you right as you drive onto campus. You can’t miss it!

A man and woman walk arm in arm alongside Jacobson Barn during their UConn engagement session.

When you choose an engagement photographer, make sure that you’re getting more than just pictures. One way that I try to do this for my clients is by creating at least one “epic” signature photo for them that they can enjoy on their wall for years to come. Here’s what I came up with for Hayley and Brendon:

My "signature" shot for Hayley and Brendon.

Without giving too much away right now, let’s just say that getting this shot was great practice for their wedding. The barn theme will be present at their venue, too!

In Closing: A UConn Engagement Session Is a Smart Choice

And that’s it for this session, folks. I want to thank my couple, Hayley and Brendon, one more time. As the warm weather slowly makes it way back to our great little state, feel free to reach out to me if you or someone you know is looking for an artistically-engineered photography experience. See you next time!

Me with the nearlyweds in the UConn Dairy Bar.
Me with the nearlyweds in the UConn Dairy Bar.

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