What you can expect

The Process

The artistically-engineered photography experience

Your story is important. Therefore, I’m committed to telling it through my photography the right way. I call this my artistically-engineered photography experience and it begins from the moment that we first touch base and continues all the way until I deliver your prints to you.

1. We’ll Meet

After we make initial contact, I’ll invite you to meet for a complimentary consultation. During this 20-30 minute meeting, I’ll ask you about the high-level details of your wedding or session, your photography needs and goals, and the timeline and location of your special day. But most of all, it’s going to be a conversation; I’m genuinely interested in getting to know you two. Please feel free to ask anything! Using Meet, FaceTime, or Skype to meet virtually is always an option, too.

2. We’ll Take Pictures

This is the fun part! On your wedding day, I utilize a mixed photography approach, capturing candid moments in a documentary manner as well as efficiently guiding you through the portrait portions, using what I learned about you during your wedding planning. You’re my clients and I’m here for you. Tell me your ideas along the way and we’ll see if we can try them out.

3. We’ll Select Your Artwork

Definitely the cherry on top, this is the last stage of my artistically-engineered photography experience. During this stage, I’ll present you with a gallery of your photos. Also, I’ll help you keep track of the ones you love and would like to have in your album and on your walls. Then, I’ll place your order with my professional lab partner and deliver your prints a short time after.

“The photos we got were fantastic and really high quality. Terrence himself is fun, engaging, intelligent and made both of us feel at ease. 11 out of 10!”

Wedding Packages

Pricing starts under 2000

After we’ve talked and decided that we’re a great fit for each other, we’ll get into the logistics of booking. Upon contract signing, a nonrefundable initial payment of 50% of the total package fee is due to reserve your date and retain my services. Once this is handled, I’ll jump right in and become more than just a wedding vendor to you, but a friend right from the beginning. Starting under 2000, all of my packages offer great value for your money. In case you’re wondering

Full package and pricing details are available upon request!


  • Two photographers for all-day coverage
  • Engagement session
  • Archival-quality album
  • Canvas and mounted paper print wall art
  • Online gallery of digital photos w/print release


  • Two photographers for eight hours of coverage
  • Engagement session
  • Archival-quality album
  • Canvas and mounted paper print wall art
  • Online gallery of digital photos w/print release


  • Two photographers for eight hours of coverage
  • Engagement session
  • Metal and mounted paper print wall art
  • Online gallery of digital photos w/print release


  • One photographer for six hours of coverage
  • Mounted paper print wall art
  • Online gallery of digital photos w/print release

Add-ons and Customization

  • À la carte albums and artwork
  • Additional hours of coverage
  • Travel fee for weddings outside Connecticut
  • Custom quotes are certainly possible

Planning an elopement or small wedding?

The COVID-19 pandemic may have changed our world for now, but it doesn’t have to prevent your wedding. I would be happy to cover your elopement, backyard, and/or smaller wedding with a custom quote that meets your needs!

Engagement and Couple Portrait Sessions

Pricing starts at 365

Like weddings, portraits tell stories, too. Once I’ve convinced you that I can make your perfect portrait session come true, it’ll be time to book. Upon contract signing, 100% of the nonrefundable session fee is due. Starting at 365 and including a mounted paper print and some digital images, this fee covers planning, photographing, and editing. Then, after your session, you can round out your experience by purchasing additional artwork of your favorite images.

Full pricing details are available upon request!

“…He also captured the most amazing moments that we will remember and cherish forever…”

Artwork & Prints

Helping you tell your story for years to come

Artwork is the final piece of your experience. And frankly, your story deserves better than being stored on a hard drive or getting lost in the cloud. This is why I have put in the time to research photographic artwork options, in order to provide you with physical products that I know you’ll love.

Albums and Books

The ultimate, perfect for wedding newlyweds and portrait session participants alike. These will be designed for you after asking a few questions. Cover options include linen, leather, image inlays including acrylic, wood, and metal.

Books range from 365 for a 9×6 with 20 pages while albums range from 995 for an 12×8 linen or leather cameo cover with 20 pages.

Canvas Wraps

These make a 3D statement. Canvas wrap pieces stand out from the wall 1.5 inches. As a result, your images possess a three-dimensional look, making them a pleasure to view from all angles. Add to that the texture and you have an eye-catching piece for a lifetime.

Canvas wraps range from 295 for an 8×10 or 8×12.


Sleek and eye-opening. The metal itself receives a base coat of white paint before your photo is applied. As a result, a vivid representation of your photo will last for years to come. Smaller sizes have a stand, like a picture frame while larger ones have a wall hanger.

Metal artwork ranges from 125 for an 8×12.


Rustic and classical. Similar to the metal pieces, the wood receives a base coat of white paint before your photo is applied. Three-dimensional like canvas wraps, but the image is only on the front face. Generally, these pieces are meant to be hung on a wall.

Wooden artwork ranges from 295 for an 8×10.

Mounted Paper

Classic, versatile, and timeless, paper prints are the cornerstone of photographic artwork. These consist of a rich, matte print mounted on a sturdy medium.

Mounted paper prints range from 95 for two 8×10.

Digital Images

When not otherwise included with your booking (such as a wedding package), digital images are available for à la carte purchase. Custom USB drives are also available.

Digital images range from 495 for 10.

“Terrence was so wonderful! He captured our engagement perfectly! He arrived early, took a plethora of quality photos, and worked with my fiancé for weeks to plan our proposal.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon will we receive our photos and how many will we get?

After a typical wedding day, I deliver about 40 images per hour of coverage. As a result of an average 45-minute portrait session, your proof gallery will contain about 20 images. Depending on my workload at the time, I usually am able to finish editing a wedding within four weeks and a portrait session within one or two. Please note that these are typical figures.

Do you only offer services in Connecticut?

Not at all! Though I live here in Connecticut, I’m more than happy to travel elsewhere to capture your day. Please note, however, that a fee will be assessed for services provided outside of the state.

Will we receive every photo, unedited photos, etc.?

As a full-service wedding photographer, part of my process includes choosing only the best photos from your day and editing each and every one of those selections. Therefore, your finished gallery will be a curated selection of the images I capture, telling your story in the best way possible. One of the things that I’ll do when helping you solidify your timeline is ask you for a list of must-have photos. While wedding days are quite unpredictable, planning methods like this will help to ensure that I’m working hard to meet your expectations.

Have you ever photographed a wedding at my venue before?

Now in my second year of photographing weddings, chances are your venue is new to me. No problem! Accordingly, I will contact your venue’s management beforehand in order to set up a time to visit as part of my planning and preparation for capturing your wedding day. If your wedding will be taking place at a private location that won’t be feasible to visit beforehand, then I’ll arrive early enough to be adequately prepared.

What happens between our booking you and our actual wedding day?

Once you’ve booked me, you can consider me part of your wedding day team. From our first meeting or two, I’ll already know the basic details of your day, but I’ll make it a point to ask you about anything else that I should be aware from the start. When planning a wedding, things tend to change over time. Therefore, I’ll hold off for a while before sending you a detailed questionnaire. Throw into the mix, I’ll try to make contact with your other vendors, especially your planner (if you have one) and venue. Once I have that, I’ll read it over and reach out with any questions or feedback. Within a few weeks of your big day, I’ll find a convenient time for us to get together on the phone or Meet to go through any last-second changes. By the way, I’m a resource to you. Reach out any time with questions or concerns.

How do we receive our artwork?

After choosing your prints, I’ll place an order with my print lab for your artwork. Depending on the size of your order, it usually takes no more than a couple of weeks for the prints to arrive to me. Whenever practical, I prefer to hand deliver client artwork. Any digital images you purchase (as well as the ones included in your wedding package) will securely uploaded to my website and I will email you a link to your private gallery. Given their importance, I always recommend that clients keep their outwork out of direct sunlight and back up their digital images.

Our venue requires that our vendors have insurance. Do you?

You bet. Terrence Irving Photography, LLC is fully registered, legal, and insured.

What have you changed as a result of COVID-19?

To help ensure the safety of my couples, their guests, and myself, I will be photographing weddings while wearing a mask until further notice. Anyone working for me during weddings and sessions will be required to, too. You may also notice me stepping aside from time to time to use hand sanitizer or wash my hands. We’re in this together!

We’re interested in learning more. How do we go about that?

Just head over to my Contact page and fill out the short form.

Let me help you tell your wedding day love story.

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