My wife and I got married during my first year as a wedding photographer. It was fitting, given that we just went through the process of choosing our own wedding photographer, venue, and other vendors. Then it dawned on me: I could give people advice on this. So, here are seven questions to ask before hiring your wedding photographer.

1. How are we going to find them?

You have to start somewhere. One of the first questions to ask before hiring your wedding photographer is, “How are we going to find a wedding photographer?” Google, social media, and reviews are all great places to start.

These sources beat the wedding directory sites because you control the search, not another business. Google is a great place to start looking for the best wedding photographer for your wants and needs (just like your wedding venue). Instagram searches and Facebook groups are also nice.

Word of mouth, reviews, and testimonials from people you know also go a long way. Be sure to ask what they liked and didn’t like about their wedding photographer experience. You might even consider asking people you know what their opinions are on which questions to ask before hiring your wedding photographer.

2. Do we like their photography style?

So once you start your search, it’ll be time to start thinking about the photos you’re looking at. More specifically, you’ll want to view prospective photographers’ portfolios and figure out, “Do we like what we’re seeing in their photographs?”

A bride and her bridesmaids show off their wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses, respectively.

I’ll let you in on a little industry secret: us wedding photographers categorize ourselves and each other quite a bit when it comes to photography style. Some of the phrases we use are dark and moody, editorial, high fashion, etc. But…

None of those phrases really matter. To conclude, whether or not you like what you’re seeing is definitely one of the seven questions to ask before hiring your wedding photographer.

3. Will they send us full wedding galleries?

Following on from the last point, pretty images on Instagram are one thing. But you need the full picture, no pun intended. Any couple who contacts me is told the same thing: one of the critical questions to ask before hiring your wedding photographer is, “Can you show us some actual, full wedding galleries?”

Requesting full wedding day galleries is one of the most important questions to ask before hiring your wedding photographer, such as this bride and groom dancing in front of string lights in a barn.

Wedding photographers attract clients by showing their best work. But honestly, the important parts of the work that we do are sometimes in the little moments, the photos which aren’t necessarily social media-worthy.

If a you’re trying to choose a wedding photographer and they won’t show you full wedding day galleries, that’s a red flag! You really should trust your gut when seeking a wedding photographer, which is something I’ll mention again later in this list.

4. How do they handle engagement sessions?

I like engagement sessions. They’re great for practicing being in front of the camera, as well as for getting comfortable together. Therefore, another one of the key questions to ask before hiring your wedding photographer is, “What about an engagement session?”

Is the engagement session included in your wedding photography package? How will your photographer pose you? Capture candid moments between the two of you? Give you two direction? You can find all of this out during your engagement session (and before, by interviewing them).

5. How do they approach little details?

Obviously, your wedding day material details are important. But there’s a difference between photographing things and photographing meaning. Therefore, another thing to ask before hiring your wedding photographer is, “How do you go about capturing details?”

How they go about photographing details is one of the key questions to ask before hiring your wedding photographer. For example, as this mother places a diamond necklace on her bride daughter's neck, the connection is the subject rather than the jewelry.

If you ask this question of a prospective photographer, it’s likely that they’ll interpret the question literally. Be sure to clarify your meaning if necessary.

6. How do they ensure photos are taken of both of us?

Marriage is a partnership. So, another of the seven questions to ask before hiring your wedding photographer is, “How will each of us be covered throughout the day?” The conventional advice here is to ask about having a second photographer.

A bride and groom hold hands and walk out of a forest. Taken by Connecticut wedding photographer Terrence Irving.

A second photographer is also kind of like an insurance policy. For example, if I twist an ankle as one of you is walking down the aisle, my second photographer will be there to ensure that the show goes on while I hobble around looking for aspirin. It goes without saying that if you prefer not to have a second photographer, you should ask your wedding photographer how this would affect their finished product.

7. Would we mesh well with this photographer?

And last but certainly not least, any list of seven questions to ask before hiring your wedding photographer would be incomplete without this: “Are we compatible with our wedding photographer?”

Let’s be honest: we’re all human and sometimes different personalities or communication styles don’t really go together well. The process of booking a wedding photographer is basically like interviewing for a new job. It’s more than just artwork, it’s also about whether or not you think the connection will be comfortable and productive for you.

Trust your gut. Check out your prospective photographer’s social media, website, and reviews as you try and learn about them. See if their “voice” is working for you. Are they too laid back or formal for your tastes? If you’re a reserved couple and are eloping, can they respect and handle that? Are they open to traveling to facilitating an engagement session in Boston for you?

Once you actually start the conversation, keep up this effort to analyze their personality.

Putting it bluntly, if you don’t like them before booking, you probably won’t like them on your wedding day.

Bonus: Do they know how to use light well?

The first seven questions are the important ones. But there’s one more question you should ask before hiring your photographer and it’s all about you seeing the light. More specifically, “Are they skilled in using light in their photography?”

Not surprisingly, question #2 in this list really comes into play here. Through viewing full wedding day galleries, you can really assess if you think a prospective wedding photographer knows what they’re doing with light. Whether you’re getting married in the Mystic sun or in a darker rustic barn, your photographer should be able to handle all lighting conditions.

Things to watch for include:

  • The way people’s skin looks in the photos
  • Creativity and flair
  • If backgrounds, chandeliers, etc. grab your attention more than the actual people in the photos do

When my wife and I were planning our wedding, my wife and I met with many wedding photographers. One of them told us that because we were getting married in winter, we “must” do a first look so that she could take photos of us outside. Next!

And if you’re looking for your wedding photographer…

I can help with that. Just click below for more info.

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  1. Great advice on how you should consider hiring a photographer based on their previous projects since this can ensure their quality! My colleague talked about his sister and how she plans to get married as soon as her boyfriend proposes. I think it would be wise for them to find a photographer that has the right equipment for the job!

  2. Choosing a wedding photographer is a pivotal decision, shaping how your cherished moments will be immortalized. The quest begins with exploring diverse sources like Google, social media, and reviews, offering a personalized search experience. Beyond technical labels, connect emotionally with their style by perusing portfolios. The lens should capture the entire narrative, hence inquire about complete wedding day galleries. Engagement sessions provide practice and comfort, so assess how they handle this crucial prelude. Delve into their approach to detailing, aiming for shots that breathe life into memories. Ensure both partners are equally spotlighted, pondering the need for a second photographer. Lastly, harmony with your chosen artist is paramount – their vibe should align seamlessly with your essence. It’s not just photography; it’s forging a comfortable, creative partnership.

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