Connecticut Wedding Venue List

Where to Get Married in Connecticut

The ring is all set. Or, maybe it’s not and you’re just thinking ahead. Regardless of where you are with your wedding planning so far, you’re here for a specific reason: because you’re trying to choose a Connecticut wedding venue. Let’s see if I can help a little.

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Connecticut Regions

If you’re looking for venues in and near Mystic, they’re located on their own page.

Connecticut Wedding Venue Categories

OK, here is the guide! I’ll continue to update this list over time, so be sure to bookmark/save this page for later reference.

Outdoor Wedding Venues

Our state is beautiful, so being outside for your big day is a great option. (Also, for now, there’s still the Covid-19 pandemic to contend with.) The venues listed here are optimized to be outdoor only, meaning that both your ceremony and reception would be outdoors (for the most part).

The Overlook at Geer Tree Farm (Griswold, CT)

If you love trees and views, get a load of this open-air ceremony location with a tented reception area. The Overlook at Geer Tree Farm has one-of-a-kind Connecticut views for miles, perfect for a wedding. Consider renting the Heavitree Bed & Breakfast of Griswold next door as a getting ready location.

A Backyard

A tent, tables, and guests outdoors at a Connecticut backyard wedding.

Like the idea of a DIY wedding? Want complete control of your nuptials? Then consider a backyard wedding. A private residence is always a great option.

Salem Herbfarm (Salem, CT)

Rustic, garden-based, and filled with eclectic charm, Salem Herbfarm is a pretty huge venue that has many configuration options for both your ceremony and reception. Best of all, it’s super unique and tucked away in a quiet area to boot.

Lyman Orchards (Middlefield, CT)

Lyman Orchards wedding ceremony by Connecticut wedding photographer Terrence Irving.

Way up on a hill in Middlefield, beautiful Lyman Orchards will have you surrounded by apple trees and a stunning golf course. What’s more, the property is absolutely massive, making for lots of great photo ops.

Any Connecticut Farm

Tips for planning a backyard wedding from a Connecticut wedding photographer.

It might be Chanticleer Acres Farm, it might be a different one. The point is this: if you can use a farm as your Connecticut wedding venue, you’ll have yourself a great, unique time.

The Mill at Tariffville (Tariffville, CT)

Looking for an industrial feel and water? Then consider this, The Mill at Tariffville, a semi-edgy outdoor venue for your wedding, in a courtyard-type setting right along the Farmington River.

Indoor Wedding Venues

Connecticut is for lovers. That means that there are plenty of beautiful indoor venues to choose from, too. The ones listed here offer, at least, the option to have your reception inside. These venues are primarily known for their indoor offerings (though they may have outdoor options as well).

The Barns at Wesleyan Hills (Middletown, CT)

Maybe the epitome of the elegant barn wedding venue, The Barns at Wesleyan Hills is a trip (that means it’s really, really good). Yes, there’s a sizeable landscape with willow trees and a small pond to take advantage of, but then you’ll party and dance the night away in front of the Big Barn’s Edison light wall.

The Society Room of Hartford (Hartford, CT)

Located in regal downtown Hartford, The Society Room of Hartford is a former bank with 3000 square feet of elegance to prove it. From the getting ready suites to the main ballroom to the outdoor convenience of Pratt Street, this indoor venue is perfect for those looking for city vibes.

Aria (Prospect, CT)

Experts at the banquet hall wedding, Aria is one of Connecticut’s most popular ballroom venues. I have my first wedding here in the fall of 2021 and can’t wait!

Bill Miller’s Castle (Branford, CT)

“Why rent a hall when you can have a castle?” That’s actually a very good question that Bill Miller’s asks right on their website. And, frankly, this place looks really cool.

Pond House Café (West Hartford, CT)

A staple of the Hartford region, Pond House Café is on the same property as the city’s famous Elizabeth Park. Remember: the City of Hartford requires a permit for professional photography in the park, so you’ll want to factor that into your wedding planning for sure.

The Lodge at Maneeley’s (South Windsor, CT)

Simple, rustic, and beautiful, The Lodge at Maneeley’s has decades of experience perfecting their wedding experience. This venue sits on a pretty large property and can actually accommodate both indoor and outdoor ceremonies.

Waterfront Wedding Venues

For such a small state, Connecticut sure does have plenty of water bodies which add a special element to its wedding venue options.

St. Clements Castle (Portland, CT)

Photographed by me for Jessra Photography.

While largely situated on land, St. Clements Castle actually has the Connecticut River right next to it (and they own a marina on the water). During an outdoor ceremony, the river is right behind the altar.

Inn at Mystic (Mystic, CT)

Yup, my beloved Inn at Mystic fits this category, too (reminder: my wife and I got married here)! At the rear of the property, where you would be for an outdoor ceremony, sits the Pequotsepos River. And way up on the bluff, where your wedding photographer would inevitably take you for photos, you have a clear view of Mystic Harbor.

Shennecossett Yacht Club (Groton, CT)

A cozy reception location right on the water in the Town of Groton, Shennecossett Yacht Club is a solid venue for intimate affairs. Though info on the web is scarce, yes, they do offer weddings. Best to inquire via their website if you’re interested.

The Waterview (Monroe, CT)

You may have never heard of Connecticut’s Lake Zoar (I know I hadn’t). But, located right off of I-84 in the southwestern part of our state, The Waterview sits right next to it and affords you some great water views (the pun was unintentional).

The Inn at Longshore (Westport, CT)

Situated at the mouth of the Saugatuck River, The Inn at Longshore is like it’s own little world. Complete with a golf course next door, fine dining on site, and a hotel, it would make a for nice one-stop wedding venue shop.

Anthony’s Ocean View (New Haven, CT)

Located right on Morris Beach, which is down the street from the famous Lighthouse Point Park (pictured above), is Anthony’s Ocean View. This venue is the answer to the question, “Where can I get married on a beach in Connecticut?”

Madison Beach Hotel (Madison, CT)

Another Connecticut beach wedding venue option, Madison Beach Hotel is really well suited to more intimate waterfront weddings. Conveniently, this venue is a Hilton hotel, so you could even consider reserving blocks of rooms for your guests right there on the property.

Wine/Beer Wedding Venues

Perhaps little known to outsiders, Connecticut winery venues and beer venues are somewhat plentiful in our state. Conveniently, they’re pretty spread out and offer different vibes as well.

The Hops Company / THC (Derby, CT)

A beer garden with a beautiful backyard, The Hops Company / THC is pristine and ready for your wedding day ceremony and party. Note that when you have a wedding here, you’re separate from the main facility where the general public is having beer. The venue portion is set back on the property, offering some nice privacy.

Stony Creek Brewery (Branford, CT)

Good beer, indoor and outdoor options, and…good beer. Stony Creek Brewery is a popular wedding spot in southwestern Connecticut.

Other Beer/Wine Venues

The Mystic area has several more vineyard wedding venues.

Budget Wedding Venues

Large or small, every couple has a budget. Thankfully, if you’re willing to look, you can pretty easily find a Connecticut wedding venue to fit yours.

The Village at Boulder Ridge Day Camp (Barkhamstead, CT)

A bride and groom raise their champagne glasses at budget Connecticut wedding venue Boulder Ridge Day Camp.

Tucked away in the woods of Litchfield County, The Village at Boulder Ridge Day Camp is perfect for the slightly adventurous types. Oh, and Saville Dam isn’t too far away and makes a great portrait location.

Any Local Ethnic Club or Nonprofit

Have a Polish Falcons of America or Lions Club outpost nearby? Reach out to them and see if you can rent their hall for your wedding.

Your Backyard

Yes, this one again. A backyard wedding is such a good idea for your wedding day that I’m mentioning it a second time. Especially if you’re on a tighter budget and/or you want total control!

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