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Connecticut Wedding Venues: Lots of Options

Last updated 2/4/21

The ring is all set. Or, maybe it’s not and you’re just thinking ahead. Regardless of where you are with your wedding planning so far, you’re here for a specific reason: because you’re trying to choose a Connecticut wedding venue. Let’s see if I can help a little.

What follows is a list I’ve put together of Connecticut wedding venue ideas for all types of couples. They’re organized by overarching category, as determined by me. I’ve even shot weddings at some!

If you have any questions, are interested in a wedding photographer’s take, or just want to say “hello,” feel free to reach out to me. And when you’re done here, be sure to head over to my wedding planning guides for more helpful info.

The Venue Categories

Before we get to the venue list itself, here’s a quick list of the Connecticut wedding venue categories that I’ll cover:

Outdoor Wedding Venues

Whether you love outdoors or not, you’ve got to appreciate the natural beauty of our state. In this category, you’ve got open-air and tent options

Indoor Wedding Venues

From restaurants to banquet halls to mansions, there’s an indoor venue for everyone here in the Nutmeg State.

Wine/Beer Wedding Venues

Looking to add some extra spirit to your wedding day? Even if you don’t enjoy a glass or pint here and there, many of these locations are perfect for weddings.

Budget Wedding Venues

Even in Connecticut, there’s a wedding venue for every budget. Getting creative while stretching the value of your dollar can lead to the wedding of your dreams.

State of Connecticut Covid-19 Considerations

A literal sign of the times for 2020 weddings during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Covid-19 pandemic took ahold of our state sometime around March of 2020. It has taken a serious toll on our state’s wedding professionals. As far as venues go, please keep in mind that many of them have had to change things in order to comply with State of Connecticut regulations.

I’m keeping track of the effects of the pandemic on Connecticut weddings here. Check back frequently for updates!

Don’t let the pandemic get you down! You still have options, everything from a working farm to any backyard.

Top Three Connecticut Wedding Venues

As far as my favorite Connecticut wedding venues go, here they are. These are just my personal recommendations. And, no, I was not paid to mention any of them. Here they are:

If you like the do-it-yourself route and want complete control.

Have a connection to a farm? Consider asking them about hosting your wedding.

A white pergola sits in the background and a rectangular concrete pond in the foreground of the Stone Acres Farm wedding ceremony area.

A working farm with a penchant for beautiful, low-key weddings.

Outdoor Wedding Venues

Our state is beautiful, so being outside for your big day is a great option. Also, there’s the Covid-19 pandemic to contend with. The venues listed here are optimized to be outdoor only, meaning that both your ceremony and reception would be outdoors.

A view from The Overlook at Geer Tree Farm.
  1. Any Connecticut farm: It might be Chanticleer Acres Farm, it might be a different one. The point is this: if you can find a Connecticut farm that will host your wedding, you’ll have yourself a great, unique time.
  2. Stone Acres Farm (Stonington, CT): A real working farm that grows vegetables and has animals, this vast, 60-acre property has room for any guest count. And for plant lovers, it doesn’t get any better than this.
  3. The Overlook at Geer Tree Farm (Griswold, CT): If you love trees and views, get a load of this open-air ceremony location with a tented reception area.
  4. Your backyard: Like the idea of a DIY wedding? Want complete control of your nuptials? Then consider a backyard wedding. A private residence is always a great option.
  5. The Salem Herbfarm (Salem, CT): Rustic, garden-based, and filled with eclectic charm, this is a pretty huge venue that has many configuration options for both your ceremony and reception.
  6. Lyman Orchards (Middlefield, CT): Way up on a hill in Middlefield, you’ll be surrounded by apple trees and a stunning golf course.
  7. The Mill at Tariffville (Tariffville, CT): Looking for an industrial feel and water? Then consider this semi-edgy outdoor venue for your wedding, in a courtyard-type setting right along the Farmington River.

Indoor Wedding Venues

Connecticut is for lovers. That means that there are plenty of beautiful indoor venues to choose from, too. The ones listed here offer, at least, the option to have your reception inside.

A view of the inside of Connecticut wedding venue Pond House Cafe in West Hartford.
The inside of Pond House Cafe at Elizabeth Park.
  1. Inn at Mystic / Haley Mansion (Mystic, CT): Who doesn’t love Mystic and historic buildings? Full transparency: I love this place because my wife and I got married here.
  2. The Barns at Wesleyan Hills (Middletown, CT): Maybe the epitome of the elegant barn wedding venue. I can’t wait to shoot one of my engagement session couples here in a few months.
  3. Shennecossett Yacht Club (Groton, CT): A cozy reception location right on the water in the Town of Groton.
  4. Aria (Prospect, CT): Experts at the banquet hall wedding.
  5. Bill Miller’s Castle (Branford, CT): “Why rent a hall when you can have a castle?” That’s actually a very good question and this place looks really, really cool.
  6. Pond House in Elizabeth Park / Pond House Cafe (West Hartford, CT): A staple of the Hartford region, on the same property as beautiful Elizabeth Park.

Wine/Beer Wedding Venues

If you enjoy a glass of a cab or a pint of IPA, there are plenty of wine- and beer-inspired Connecticut wedding venues to choose from.

A view behind the bar of Connecticut wedding venue The Hops Company / THC. Bottles of liquor and beer and wine taps are present as well as stacks of cups.
The Hops Company / THC is just a beautiful venue. Over to the right, out of view, is the ceremony area.
  1. The Hops Company / THC (Derby, CT): A beer garden with a beautiful backyard, this wedding venue is pristine and ready for your wedding day ceremony and party.
  2. Jonathan Edwards Winery (North Stonington, CT): This winery is a staple of the southeastern Connecticut portion of the wine trail. It makes a great venue for a wedding.
  3. Stony Creek Brewery (Branford, CT): Good beer, indoor and outdoor options, and…good beer.
  4. Stonington Vineyards (Stonington, CT): As if the wine isn’t good enough, this venue offers tons of outdoor space and beautiful views.
  5. Saltwater Farm Vineyard (Stonington, CT): Possibly the epitome of the southeastern Connecticut winery wedding venue, just stunning.

Budget Wedding Venues

The dance area of budget Connecticut wedding venue Boulder Ridge Day Camp.
Boulder Ridge Day Camp is a great option for a budget Connecticut wedding venue.

Large or small, every couple has a budget. Thankfully, you can pretty easily find a Connecticut wedding venue to fit yours.

  1. The Village at Boulder Ridge Day Camp (Barkhamstead, CT): Tucked away in the woods of Litchfield County and perfect for the slightly adventurous types. Oh, and Saville Dam isn’t too far away and makes a great portrait location.
  2. A local ethnic club or nonprofit: Have a Polish Falcons of America or Lions Club outpost nearby? Reach out to them and see if you can rent their hall for your wedding.
  3. Your backyard: Yes, this one again. A backyard wedding is such a good idea for your wedding day that I’m mentioning it a second time. Especially if you’re on a tighter budget!

Let’s talk about your Connecticut wedding venue…and photography.

Click below to drop me a line and we can have a no-obligation conversation about your wedding day!

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