A bride in a white wedding dress poses at the rear of the building during her Lord Thompson Manor wedding.

Wedding Story: Holly and Jon’s CT Mansion Wedding

On a cool fall day up in the Quiet Corner of Connecticut, Holly and Jon got married. They had their families and friends there, all ready to celebrate with them during their Connecticut mansion wedding. I had the honor of being there with them at Lord Thompson Manor, one of the state’s best mansion wedding venues, for their event.

A bride and groom enjoy a first look during their Connecticut mansion wedding.

This CT Mansion Wedding‘s Vendor Team

Their Connecticut Mansion Wedding Venue

The wedding party runs at the bride and groom during their Connecticut mansion wedding.

Holly and Jon found me through a mutual friend who is on the Connecticut wedding vendor scene (he actually photographed their engagement session instead of me). When we first spoke, they told me that one of the most important things to them on their wedding day was having fun.

Interestingly, Holly and Jon live closer to Wadsworth Mansion in Middletown than Lord Thompson Manor. The latter, however, drew them in better while planning their wedding.

Their Wedding Story

A couple poses in front of the manor house during their Connecticut mansion wedding.

October is a significant month to this couple; that’s the month in which their relationship first started. They went through the normal dating, with New Haven as one of their favorite spots to spend time together.

Accordingly, a surprise October proposal in New Hampshire was the next chapter for them, which is when things started to get real. It’s only natural that they settled on an October date for their wedding day.

Getting Ready at the Spa and Billiards Room

A groomsman helps the groom with his pocket square before his wedding at Lord Thompson Manor.

Holly started her morning with her bridesmaids at the KISS Spa at the Lord Thompson Manor Cottage House. Jon and his guys began in the Billiards Room of the manor house.

Great for destination weddings because it also has a bed & breakfast with a few guest rooms at the spa location, Holly and Jon’s wedding venue choice really suited them. They ended up with one of the best venues in Connecticut, if not one of the greatest mansion venues in the entire United States.

Touching First Look and Portraits

After arriving at the mansion from the spa, Holly was ready for her first look with Jon. This moment, which took place in a shaded area among the fall foliage, had all the elements of true love.

A bride walks to the first look of her Connecticut mansion wedding.

After some couple’s portraits, Holly and Jon were ready for their wedding party to join them on the grounds. Lord Thompson has an outdoor area which resembles that of Eolia Mansion’s home, Harkness State Park. The beautiful dresses and crisp suits fit the couple’s style perfectly.

The bride and groom pose with their wedding party during their Connecticut mansion wedding.

A Beautiful Ceremony

Before their wedding day, Holly and Jon did explain to me that their wedding ceremony would be the most important part of the day to them. As expected, it clearly was.

The bride laughs with the groom during the Connection mansion wedding ceremony.

Plenty of touching moments occurred. Their officiant, Victoria, kept things very lively and engaging.

A Gilded Age Reception

Wedding guests dance during the reception of a Connecticut mansion wedding.

Their wedding reception was a great party. Holly, Jon, and their guests had a great time. The catering was delicious, like eating at a gourmet restaurant. Of course, we had to get outside with some sparklers and their wedding party.

The bride and groom walk together at night as their wedding party holds sparklers overhead in front of the manor house of their Connecticut mansion wedding venue.

As soon as Holly and Jon told me that they were down for spraying champagne, I knew they had chosen the right wedding photographer.

Connecticut Mansion Wedding Inspiration Photos

Here are some more photos from Holly and Jon’s Connecticut mansion wedding day. Be sure to see my full feature of their wedding venue for more.

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