Wedding Story: Ann and Zach in Essex, CT

When you think about Essex CT wedding venues, Connecticut River Museum has to come to mind. As a museum, it has a beautiful historical element to it. Sitting right next to the Connecticut River, however, it has unmistakable beauty. Ann and Zach made an excellent choice to have their wedding here.

The Vendor Team

A bride and groom dance together during their Essex CT wedding.

Their Essex CT Wedding Story

The world really is a small place. I crossed paths with Ann and Zach because during their wedding planning, they came across my wedding venue feature on The Overlook. Liking my photography style, they contacted me after they chose their venue.

Ann and Zach’s wedding day started calmly with some getting ready photos at an Airbnb. We then headed to Connecticut River Museum for more portraits before their first look. Couple’s wedding portraits in downtown Essex were a lot of fun! And of course, we took plenty of photos along the river. Their wedding day felt like an elopement at times.

The cultural diversity of their Essex CT wedding was something really special. This bride, groom, and their families brought together Arab and Jewish traditions throughout the day and night. To top it all off, everyone enjoyed a very unique moon that night.

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To learn more, head over to my Connecticut River Museum wedding venue feature. And for more info about my wedding photography, just use the links below.

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