Tips for planning a backyard wedding from a Connecticut wedding photographer.

Budget and DIY Wedding Venues in CT

Some couples aren’t interested in any frills or extras when planning their wedding. If that sounds like you, then here’s a list to help you find a DIY or inexpensive wedding venue in Connecticut.

1. Your Backyard

A backyard wedding is such a good idea for your wedding day, especially if you’re on a tighter budget and/or you want total control.

A backyard is a one of the most inexpensive wedding venues in CT.
Litchfield, Connecticut backyard wedding

2. Stonington Point (Stonington)

Perfect for elopements, Stonington Point is located at the literal tip of this southeastern Connecticut borough. This public land is in Greater Mystic, surrounded by beautiful views and things to do.

Stonington Point

3. Local Ethnic Club or Nonprofit

Have a Polish Falcons of America or Lions Club outpost nearby? One of these halls can be a great location for an inexpensive wedding venue in Connecticut.

4. Holiday Hill Day Camp

Even if you aren’t big campers, Holiday Hill Day Camp is a great option if being outdoors is your thing. Not only is this an inexpensive wedding venue in CT, but Holiday Hill offers great privacy and tons of activities for your guests.

5. BADSONS Beer Company

For just a couple grand, you can have a wedding celebration at an awesome brewery in Derby. BADSONS Beer Company’s Barrel Room is a great space for laid-back wedding day, not to mention the excellent beer on tap.

Additional DIY Wedding Venues in CT

Harkness Memorial State Park, Wooster Square Park

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