A couple stands at their altar in front of a lake, surrounded by bridesmaids in floral dresses and groomsmen in blue suits during their Candlewood Inn wedding.

Wedding Venue Feature: Candlewood Inn

Vibe and FeaturesPanoramic lakeside views, classic ballroom style
Guest Capacity235
Location506 Candlewood Lake Road
Brookfield, CT 06804
Similar VenuesAria, Connecticut River Museum, Branford House, Lake of Isles, Madison Beach Club

While Connecticut is known for great wedding venues, there aren’t too many which are notable for being on bodies of still water. With over 2000 lakes and ponds in the state, however, there are some options. If you’re looking for a lakeside celebration, a Candlewood Inn wedding is your best bet.

Candlewood Inn Video Tour

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This post contains images taken by me while working with Keane Eye Photography.

History of Candlewood Inn

The history of this elegant CT wedding venue actually starts with its namesake, Candlewood Lake.

The bride and groom hug for a photo while holding a bouquet during their Candlewood Inn wedding.
A couple stands on a lake dock with white railings before their Candlewood Inn wedding.
A couple kisses while the bride holds a floral bouquet before their Candlewood Inn wedding ceremony.

In the early 20th century, Connecticut’s big utility and electricity company decided that a new method of power generation was necessary. The solution was the creation of the state’s largest lake, Candlewood. To clarify, yes, this Brookfield, CT lake is humanmade.

The venue opened up as a private event location in 1999, developing a specialty for Connecticut lake weddings.

A couple enjoys their first kiss during their Candlewood Inn wedding.

Venue Vibe and Features

Candlewood Inn is a waterside, banquet-style wedding venue. The property is classic without being outdated. Upstairs, there’s a getting ready suite for one partner’s side of the wedding party. Of course, downstairs on the main level is where the entertaining happens.

Right through the front door, there’s a foyer area perfect for greeting guests with table place cards. A few steps away is the big bar, where the venue staff will serve drinks (and late-night snacks) during your wedding celebration.

A large wedding party poses with the bride and groom during a Connecticut lake wedding.

The same area as the bar includes space for cocktail hour service. You can leave this area and head out a door to view the lake or head into the main dining room.

A bride and groom enjoy their first dance inside the ballroom during their Candlewood Inn wedding.

Ballroom elegance is abound in the dining room. It has a good-sized dancefloor, high ceilings, and white walls which reflect the sunlight pouring in through the big windows really. There’s room to seat 235 people for your event.

Speaking as both a wedding photographer and an event guest, I can tell you that Candlewood Inn wedding food is very good.

Stunning Views of Candlewood Lake

While it is a banquet hall, the vibe of Candlewood Inn is centered on the lake. The views are top notch, absolutely spectacular. Best of all, you and your guests can see the lake from inside, too; the banquet hall’s main room has huge windows.

Before a Candlewood Lake wedding, the gazebo and winding, paved path a calm.

There’s plenty of room outside on the property’s ground; this is actually where your wedding ceremony will typically take place. During warmer months, you and your guests can enjoy lawn games before your reception if you want to.

Another great activity during cocktail hour is grabbing a drink and a chair, then just staring at the amazing lake.

Fairfield Caterers

Candlewood Inn is owned and operated by Fairfield Caterers. This makes it part of the same wedding venue family as the Fox Hill Inn mansion in Brookfield, Riverview in Simsbury, and The Waterview in Monroe.

Candlewood Inn Wedding Pricing Info

Candlewood Inn requires a minimum deposit of $1000 to secure your event. There’s a 20% “operational charge” assessed to every booking (it’s not a staff gratuity). They have extensive culinary options for you, so that’ll impact the final cost as well.

The wedding party stands on the left and right of the bride and groom who hold hands during their Candlewood Inn wedding ceremony.

Depending on how far in advance you book, your total fee will be broken up into $1000-$3000 payments up until six months before your CT lake wedding at this venue. Your final payment is due a week before your date.

As with most wedding venues, it’s best to contact the venue, schedule a visit, and then talk about pricing specifics.

Hotels Near Candlewood Inn

When planning your wedding at Candlewood Inn, it’s a must that you consider accommodations and getting ready. Some of the hotels near Candlewood Inn include Hampton Inn Danbury, Courtyard by Marriott Danbury, Homestead Inn,

A groom puts on his shoes with a red sign the says "at the lake" before his Candlewood Inn wedding.
A view of Candlewood Lake taken from a rentable Airbnb property in Brookfield.
A groom poses on a balcony before his Candlewood Inn wedding.

Airbnb and Vrbo rentals are also popular inthe Candlewood Lake community. One more thing: booking a shuttle is a very good idea because the parking lot isn’t the biggest.

Candlewood Inn Wedding Photos

Here are some event pictures taken at Candlewood Inn:

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