Wedding Venue Feature: Shepherd’s Run RI

Vibe and FeaturesClassic winery estate, old money feel, multiple contemporary spaces
Guest Capacity300
Location4780 Tower Hill Rd.
South Kingstown, RI 02879
Similar VenuesNewport Vineyards, Castle Hill Inn, Providence Public Library

Choosing a Shepherd’s Run wedding means embracing a blend of historical elegance and natural beauty. This 36-acre vineyard is not just a venue, but an all-inclusive experience with awesome food and lots of customization potential.

Here are some details on this special Rhode Island wedding venue.

(This post contains images taken by me while working with Chris Nachteway Photography )

History of Shepherd’s Run

The story of Shepherd’s Run Rhode Island starts in 1933 when it was established as the summer residence of Rush and Elizabeth Hazard Sturges. Designed by architect Thomas Pym Cope, the estate features Norman architecture style that fits its wine roots well.

Located in South Kingstown, Rhode Island, the venue is just a stone’s throw from Narragansett. This is one of the state’s most popular towns, filled with things to do. So, your Shepherd’s Run wedding could be a destination event if you wanted.

Shepherd’s Run Venue Vibe and Features

Shepherd’s Run is a winery estate wedding venue. It’s pretty huge, sitting on 30-plus acres and offering multiple indoor and outdoor event spaces. Here are some details on the popular areas of the venue:

Walled Garden

The bride is walked down the aisle by her father at her Shepherd's Run wedding.

Beatrix Farrand was a famed landscape architect based on the east coast. One of the places she left her mark was Shepherd’s Run, where a 3000-square foot walled garden stands today.

This rectangular space is perfect for outdoor ceremonies. The entrance/exit is at the back while the “altar” is at the front, on the opposite end. This setup, coupled with the walls, provides privacy and makes things less awkward for late guests.

Event Hall and Manor Terrace

The Event Hall of Shepherd's Run Rhode Island.

As an event venue, Shepherd’s Run Rhode Island really offers a variety of outdoor and indoor spaces that promise to elevate your wedding to an unforgettable event. These first two areas prove that.

The Event Hall is a versatile indoor space. It’s big, at 3000 square feet (like the Walled Garden), and can be split with a large curtain. I’ve seen half of it used for cocktail hour, though it can also accommodate ceremonies and receptions.

Just outside the Event Hall is Manor Terrace. This is very nice courtyard area, sort of central to Shepherd’s Run. In my time photographing a Shepherd’s Run wedding, this is the area where guests mingled during cocktail hour.

Reception Tent

The bride and groom enjoy their first dance during their Shepherd's Run wedding.

After cocktail hour during your spring or summer Shepherd’s Run wedding, your guests will be led down a staircase from the Manor Terrace to the lower end of the property to enter the Reception Tent.

Here, you’ll enjoy nice views of the Narrow River and Pettaquamscutt Cove during the party portion of your wedding day.

Entering the hotel through the main doors with everything from your wedding dress to your reception décor, you’re greeted by The Biltmore’s epic lobby. Believe it or not, this area has a few photogenic spots for portraits. The beautiful staircase to the second floor is probably the highlight.

The Inn: Primary Suite and Guest Rooms

Conveniently, The Inn at Shepherd’s Run is built to accommodate your destination Rhode Island wedding. Its 26 guest rooms are each designed with classic New England elegance.

The historic Manor House contains 10 rooms facing the west part of the event venue. The other 16 rooms are in the South Wing, the more modern portion of The Inn.

On the topic of making a weekend out of it, The Inn’s spa and wellness amenities offer a nice bonus to your Shepherd’s Run wedding experience.

Shepherd’s Run Wedding Catering and Food

At Shepherd’s Run, the culinary experience is an integral part of your wedding day. Blackstone Caterers are currently the exclusive catering partner. They handle everything food and beverage-related, as far as I’m aware.

With Blackstone Caterers, you can expect a dining experience that rivals the best venues in Rhode Island and New England. Having eaten here as a wedding photographer during an event, I can attest to the quality and creativity that Blackstone Caterers bring to the table.

Don’t Forget the Wine

The bride and groom enjoy a private moment at Shepherd's Run Rhode Island.

At the heart of Shepherd’s Run Rhode Island is wine. Like nearby Newport Vineyards, it’s actually a Rhode Island winery wedding venue.

With that said, there are a handful of other wedding venue spaces at Shepherd’s Run to consider if you like the wine connection:

  • Wine Hall: Perfect for small weddings with cocktail receptions or seated banquets.
  • Winemaker’s Room: If you’re having a minimony or similar, you and your dozen or so guests can sit amongst wine barrels indoors.

Shepherd’s Run Wedding Pricing

Cost will definitely be a consideration as you plan your Shepherd’s Run RI wedding. With that said, here’s some a la carte info on starting pricing for the venues spaces (it’s safe to assume that these figures do not include catering):

  • Walled Garden: 7500
  • Event Hall: 5000
  • Manor Terrace: 1500
  • Reception Tent: 7500
  • Wine Hall and Winemaker’s Room: 1600 and up

Rhode Island State House Wedding Photos

Conveniently located in downtown Providence, your wedding at The Biltmore gives you the chance to explore photo opportunities in the city. Rhode Island State House is just a few minutes away from the venue and is a great location for wedding day portraits in the city!

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