Connecticut’s Top 10 Wedding Venues

Planning your wedding and looking for top-of-the-line wedding venues? Then you’re in the right place. In this post, I’ve put together info on the top 10 wedding venues in Connecticut, from a wedding photographer’s perspective.

This list is intended for most people. As you’ll see in my full Connecticut wedding venue directory, there are 12 wedding venue categories in our state. I did my best to represent most categories in making this top-10 list.

A wedding photographer here in the state, I love helping couples like you. Feel free to reach out if you have questions or suggestions about/for this list!

The Best Wedding Venues in Connecticut

1. The Barns at Wesleyan Hills

Category: Barn, Rustic
Why it’s Great: Rustic, chic, excellent grounds, accessible
Photo Ops: String lights, willow tree area, foot bride over the pond

The Barns at Wesleyan Hills is a beautiful venue, it’s reasonably priced, and the food is perfect. Located in Middletown, it’s sort of a barn wedding venue, but not a barn. That aesthetic was confined to the interior only when the venue was remodeled years ago (outside just looks like a building).

And don’t sleep on the grounds, which consist of gently rolling hills and awesome willow trees. There’s a reason I’ve listed this venue first on the list of my top 10 wedding venues in Connecticut. It’s so accessible that I strongly believe that most couples should at least consider it.

2. Lion Rock Farm

Category: Mansion/estate
Why it’s Great: Luxurious, scenic, huge, private, on-site lodging
Photo Ops: Rolling hills, beautiful garden, multiple barns

For anyone looking for a mansion or estate wedding venue, Litchfield County’s Lion Rock Farm is the standard. It’s one of the most luxurious places to get married in the state. This working, sprawling farm estate even on-site lodging and provides a wonderful all-day wedding experience.

At one of the top 10 wedding venues in Connecticut, a bride and groom dance at Lion Rock Farm.

This venue is on the higher end as far as cost goes. However, you get what you pay for, per the reviews. Couples looking for an opulent wedding day have to give this one a look.

2. Webb Barn

Category: Museum, art, and stage
Why it’s Great: Centrally located, private, great small downtown area
Photo Ops: Forest backdrop, central flower garden, downtown Old Wethersfield, the barn itself

Connecticut has plenty of museums which offer weddings to couples. I’m going to have to say that Webb Barn in Old Wethersfield is the best Connecticut wedding venue in this category. It’s charm is almost unmatched.

This museum venue is very reasonably priced, located in a great little downtown area, and just plain beautiful.

3. Saint Clements Castle & Marina

Category: Ballroom
Why it’s Great: Large and spread out, interesting architecture, weddings of any size, private
Photo Ops: Outdoor field, lower marina along the river, ballrooms, long driveway

For ballroom lovers, you can’t beat Saint Clements Castle & Marina in Portland. The property has two of them, but it also offers so much more. That is, its grounds are immaculate and its architectural stylings are inspired by European castles.

A bride and groom one of the best CT wedding venues, Saint Clements Castle.

While this is considered a ballroom place, its uniqueness makes it one of the top 10 wedding venues in CT. It can accommodate small to humongous weddings, has great food and staff, and is private.

4. The Society Room of Hartford

Category: City/urban
Why it’s Great: Handsome and unique interior, central location, true downtown city vibe
Photo Ops: Mezzanine, main room, vault, Pratt Street

A former bank with an actual vault in it, The Society Room of Hartford makes this top-10 list complete. This downtown Hartford wedding venue is the perfect choice for anyone looking for an urban venue.

A bride and groom kiss while sitting inside a former bank vault at The Society Room of Hartford during their Hartford wedding.

This place is stunning, especially if you’re drawn to a twilight-like aesthetic for your wedding. Couples I’ve worked with at this venue tend to bring up The Great Gatsby when I ask them about their desired wedding day feel.

5. Lyman Orchards

Category: Country/golf club
Why it’s Great: Tons of trees, great views, delicious farm-to-table food
Photo Ops: Golf courses, orchards

Lyman Orchards is known for its apples, but it also offers great weddings. This venue actually offers four location options for weddings, all on the same awesome property near Middletown.

A bride and groom walk at the best country/golf club CT wedding venue, Lyman Orchards.

What gets this location on my list of top 10 wedding venues in Connecticut, however, is the golf course backdrop. Lyman’s courses have lots of trees on them. Couple this with the farm-to-table food and great service, then you’ve got a great country club option.

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6. Eolia Mansion and Harkness Memorial State Park

Category: Mansion, Park and garden
Why it’s Great: Fit for both regular and mini weddings, overwhelmingly beautiful
Photo Ops: Endless gardens, the mansion, wide open fields, beach

Harkness Memorial State Park, and its Eolia Mansion, are two of the most popular wedding-related locations in the entire state. This state property is beautiful, free to access for residents, and stunning.

I’ve included Eolia and Harkness for two reasons: a. the former is a great mansion wedding venue that you can book and b. the latter is an excellent DIY, no-cost elopement option. This is definitely one of the best Connecticut wedding venues.

7. Inn at Mystic

Category: Mansion, Inn/hotel
Why it’s Great: Handles regular-sized and mini weddings
Photo Ops: The bluff overlooking the water, river, downtown Mystic

Inn at Mystic and its Haley Mansion represent southeastern CT on this list. If you love Mystic (and who doesn’t, given that it has so many things to do), you must give this venue a look. Clearly, not only do I think it’s one of the best venues in the Mystic area, but one of the best in the whole state.

Yes, it’s beautiful and located in one of the state’s most happening neighborhoods. But what’s especially cool about Inn at Mystic is its versatility. I’ve photographed big weddings here as well as 12-person minimony weddings. Off-season weddings are great here (I’m speaking from experience, as my wife had a winter wedding here).

8. Salem Herbfarm

Category: Rustic, Park and garden
Why it’s Great: Multiple ceremony and reception areas
Photo Ops: Fire pit, farmhouse, literally everywhere else with plants growing

Located in the town by the same, Salem Herbfarm is a former working farm that has become a nice wedding venue in the state. This one is known mostly for its rustic feel and endless garden/plant beauty. 

Couples I’ve worked with at this venue love the no muss, no fuss draw of this place. Depending on the season and size of your wedding, you have many options for where the ceremony and reception can happen. Consider barbeque catering and booking the outside bar.

9. Connecticut River Museum

Category: On the water
Why it’s Great: Fit for both regular and mini weddings
Photo Ops: Docks, museum structure, downtown Essex

For water lovers, my recommendation is Connecticut River Museum in Essex. This museum-venue hosts wedding receptions on its dock and tented receptions on its lawn. This is all merely feet away from the CT River, which is the backdrop.

Bride and groom walking on a dock at the Connecticut River Museum, one of the top 10 wedding venues in CT.

The presence of downtown Essex adds to how awesome this venue is. You don’t have to be history buffs to enjoy your wedding at this venue.

10. The Hops Company / THC

Category: Beer/wine
Why it’s Great: Fit for both regular and mini weddings
Photo Ops: Great tree backdrops, mirrored walls, outdoor bar building

And last but not least, The Hops Company / THC in Derby rounds out this list of the top 10 wedding venues in Connecticut. Undeniably, it’s definitely one of the best CT wedding venues for laid-back couples.

A bride and groom embrace at The Hops Company / THC, one of the top 10 wedding venues in Connecticut.

A beer garden, THC already has a cool vibe going for it. They’ve transformed the rear of the property into a great little spot for weddings; there’s even space for one of you to get ready on site. Book your favorite food truck and you’ll be good to go at this venue.

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Before you go, be sure to see my full Connecticut wedding venue directory. There, you’ll find these venues and many, many more.

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