A Connecticut bride and groom kiss as their wedding party, carrying orange bouquets, walks past quickly.

Wedding Venue Feature: Connecticut Farm Weddings

Is there anything more perfect than fall in Connecticut? I’d say yes: and that’s a Connecticut farm wedding during fall in Connecticut. Who doesn’t love the foliage, colors, and rustic feels that this combination can offer?

Tarah and Jordan’s day took place in Litchfield on the first Saturday in October. It had attitude, plenty of emotion, and was complete with skateboarding antics.

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Fall Connecticut Farm Wedding Day Highlight Video

Before we get to it, feel free to check out this highlight video that I made for Tarah and Jordan’s Connecticut farm wedding!

Tarah and Jordan’s Epic Fall Connecticut Farm Wedding

So let’s get into my 2020 Connecticut farm wedding, which was that of Tarah and Jordan’s.

This Connecticut Farm Wedding’s Vendor Team

Their Wedding Day Love Story

Long wedding days are the best. Having things spaced out so that there’s plenty of time to get ready, lay back, and hit the key moments just helps couples be a little more relaxed. I spent the morning with Tarah and her ladies while my second photographer covered Jordan and his guys.

Before the Ceremony

Tarah and her ladies got ready in one of the farmhouses. It was all about jitters, makeup, and the dress. Wow, that dress.

The highlight was Tarah’s first look with her father. This was truly touching!

Jordan and the guys eventually emerged looking dapper.

The Big Show: Their Connecticut Farm Wedding Ceremony

The staff of Chanticleer Acres made a great arch for Tarah and Jordan’s Connecticut farm wedding ceremony. It was truly a work of art; so simple yet complex at the same time. Perfect for a fall Connecticut wedding! The reception took place in the main farmhouse’s backyard.

Celebrating with Friends and Family

Before their wedding day, I always make it a point to ask my couples which formal family photos they’d like me to capture. Sometimes, the unplanned ones turn out great, too. One of the most emotional photographs I’ve ever taken was the one of Tarah and her 93-year-old grandfather. It was a touching moment that I just couldn’t miss. Look at the emotion!

Just the Two of Us

Perhaps my favorite part of this wedding (and every wedding), now it was time for the couple portraits. Tarah and Jordan set the place on fire, metaphorically speaking!

Party Time: A Backyard Wedding Tent Reception

Tarah and Jordan really nailed their farm backyard wedding tent reception. From the decorations to the dance floor to the food and drinks, their guests had a great time.

The Shot: Wedding Skateboarding Groom and Ollie Over the Bride

There are benefits to hiring me as your wedding photographer. For one, I’m going to help you tell your love story through photos. Two, I’m a pretty fun guy. But thirdly, one of things I’m going to do for you is create something unique commemorating your day. You’ll essentially end up with commissioned artwork, something no one else has!

Quick Backstory

Jordan has been an avid skateboarder for years. He also works in the film industry. The dynamic between him and Tarah is a great one and the two of them love adventure. So, how could I bring this all together and make them great during their Connecticut farm wedding?

Here’s a true story: I was on vacation with my wife and family this summer, a couple of months before Tarah and Jordan’s wedding day. Jordan reached out to me while my wife and I were out for a walk along the Jersey Shore. Basically, his message said that he had an idea involving his skateboard, a ramp, and jumping over Tarah.

Obviously, I was excited.

The Setup

Like I said, Jordan is a creative himself. So long before his and Tarah’s Connecticut farm wedding day, he had already built a ramp and had a good location on the farm picked out. Then, I got to work.

Shortly after the ceremony in between family portraits, I talked with Jordan about some safety aspects of the jump. I couldn’t imagine Tarah would be too happy about an errant skateboard or sneaker bonking her on the head. Therefore, I managed to convince Jordan to let me take multiple photos and composite them together. The chair you see, then, represented where Tarah would eventually stand for her turn.

Composing this Connecticut Farm Wedding’s Signature Photo

Once the ramp and the chair were in place, I decided to start with the wedding party. They were a great bunch of gals and guys. They kept the energy high throughout the wedding day. My assistant used a light to illuminate two to three people at a time. My second shooter was off taking candid photos in the background.

Next, it was Jordan’s turn. He was really in the zone as soon as we placed the ramp, changing shoes and warming up…all in his suit. Very impressive! I think he did three jumps total, making it clear that he could’ve kept going if I needed him to. Tarah was totally smitten, watching her new husband wow the crowd with the air he was catching.

Lastly, I brought Tarah in. I removed the chair and had her stand in position. Quickly, I had her do two or three poses. The inspiration was this:

“How would you react if Jordan came home one day and said, ‘Hey, I want to jump over your head on a skateboard’?”

The Final Product

I take a lot of pride in all of the editing I do. Tarah and Jordan’s signature shot is no different! There were several goals as I sat down in my office to bring this one together:

  1. Displaying the excitement on the wedding party’s faces.
  2. Emphasizing how high Jordan got off of the ramp. 
  3. Bringing Tarah’s rockstar bride element into it, using body language that fit the scene.

And here it is, the signature shot from Tarah and Jordan’s Connecticut farm wedding:

What a finale, right?

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