Salem Herbfarm Weddings

Salem Herbfarm Weddings


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320 Hartford Rd. (Route 85)
Salem, CT 06420

Originally named after its more popular sister location in Massachusetts, the quaint town of Salem sits about halfway between New London and Middletown. There, you’ll find The Salem Herbfarm, a 12-acre, former working farm converted into a beautiful, customizable wedding venue. Joe Duncan was kind enough to invite me over to take a look; my visit on that fall day did not disappoint.

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Video Summary

History and Other Info

The Salem Herbfarm’s story starts back in the 1800s. Anne’s family took over ownership in the 1920s, before Anne and her husband, Joe, became the owners in 1997. The farm sold garden staples such as cilantro, lettuce, and parsley for years. Eventually, however, the Duncans converted their property into purely a Connecticut wedding venue in 2018.

Venue Vibe and Features

A panoramic view of what a Salem Herbfarm wedding has to offer Connecticut couples.

The Salem Herbfarm is a low-key, rustic, New England garden-lover’s dream wedding venue. It’s easy to access, being located on a main road (route 85). But the property sits back far, providing plenty of privacy and separation from noise. 

  • Year-round weddings with indoor, outdoor open air, and outdoor covered options
  • No real guest maximum
  • Choose from a list of venue-preferred caterers or bring your own
  • The Booze Hut, an outdoor, centrally located bar
  • Fire pit, water fountains, plenty of outdoor seating, and many reception areas for guests to spread out
  • Lots of wedding day configuration options

Allow me to expand on that last bullet a bit. One of the best thing about Salem Herbfarm weddings is the plethora of configuration options couples are afforded. Other than its natural beauty, this is its best selling point. Let’s step through them now, but be sure to check out the video to get an even better feel!

The Barn: Indoor Reception Area

First up is the barn, the keystone of a Salem Herbfarm wedding. With room for about 140, this It’s whimsically decorated with farm photos and signs, including some items from The Salem Herbfarm’s past as a working farm. Throw in the perfect string lights and you’ve got some great ambience. This is where the fully-functional bathrooms are, too.

If an indoor reception after your garden ceremony is part of your plan, this is the spot at The Salem Herbfram. Actually, I would imagine that a smaller ceremony would fit in here just fine as well. Then again, you don’t come to The Salem Herbfarm to stay completely indoors!

The Greenhouse: Covered Outdoor Reception Area

This greenhouse is the main outdoor reception area of a Salem Herbfarm wedding.

Now let’s skip to the other side of the property, where you’ll find the other main reception area, the covered greenhouse. This spot is huge; Joe told me that it can hold over 200 during your Salem Herbfarm wedding. Typically, it’s used as the main outdoor reception area.

At the time of my visit (fall 2020), the greenhouse still had a gravel floor. Joe told me that he and Anne were preparing to pave that space, among other things that were being changed elsewhere on the property.

The Patio Courtyard: Open-air Ceremony Area

A Salem Herbfarm wedding experience isn’t complete without getting outside in the open air. Currently, the venue’s prized ceremony location is outside and to the left of the barn. For now, I’ll call it the Patio Courtyard.

The gravel walkway to this spot is adorned with small groundcover plants. Leading up to the courtyard is a beautiful, wooden trellis. It’s under this that one (or both) of you will make your grand entry. Awaiting you is the paved patio of the courtyard. At the head of this area is a large arch; the pond sits behind it.

With room for about 100 people (or about 60 with social distancing), the Patio Courtyard is the prime location for your Salem Herbfarm wedding ceremony.

The Grassy Garden Courtyard

This grassy courtyard area is the second of two ceremony locations available for a Salem Herbfarm wedding.

Opposite the Patio Courtyard, on the other side of the fire pit, is the Grass Garden Courtyard. Now let’s skip to the other side of the property

Everywhere Else

In between the main areas I’ve mentioned to this point, The Salem Herbfarm has plenty of great features to make your wedding day fun and memorable. From the fire pit, to the standing cocktail hour tables, to the Booze Hut, you two and your guests are certain to have a great time.

Check out the gallery for more!

Check out this gallery to see what a Salem Herbfarm wedding can offer!

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Your reward for planning the wedding of your dreams is enjoying your day with each other and all of your loved ones. You might as well do it at a venue that has

Anne and Joe Duncan

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