Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Hey, I’m Terrence and I’m a black wedding photographer based in Connecticut along the southeastern shoreline. Here’s a quick video intro:

A Story About My First Wedding

Sitting in the car, I asked myself one last time if I was out of my mind for venturing into the hectic world of wedding photography from the comfort of landscapes and portraits.

Ready to meet up with my first bride and her crew for some pre-ceremony photos, I jumped out of the car and got wet. Here I was at my first wedding ever and the sky was literally falling (with raindrops).

Then I chuckled, ran back to my trunk, and there it was: the umbrella I bought on Amazon the week before. The bride loved it.

What’s the point here? On your day, part of my job is take pictures. But the other part—the important part—is to be there for you. Connecting like this is the best way to help you tell your wedding day love story.

The planning, unpredictability, and beauty of weddings is what drew me into photographing them. So, I’ve catered my artistically-engineered experience from portraits to weddings. This means that from the get-go, you two won’t have to worry. Oh, and I promise that you’ll have a little fun in front of the camera when your day comes, too.

Because after you two, your guests, and the great time you’re going to have, the memories of your wedding day are next in line for importance. I can help you preserve them the right way!

Photography and Values

I’m a black wedding photographer. As new parents, my wife and I look forward to teaching our newborn son and toddler daughter to be kind and respect others. All forms of love are welcome in front of my camera.

To be transparent, I embrace diversity in life and in my photography. The couples I work with are bold and they appreciate the creative risks I take.

I create photographs that my clients feel!

Even More About Me

  1. I founded Terrence Irving Photography in 2017 and began offering weddings in 2019.
  2. Photography became an interest in elementary school along with drawing.
  3. My wife, MaryKate, and I got married on a winter day in Mystic. A true New England wedding photographer, I photographed the proposal myself in Cape Cod.
  4. Technology is a big part of my life. I’m also an engineer.
  5. The scariest moment of my life: when I was nine, I was locked in a closed Sears store for a few minutes. (What was so important? Buying an issue of Nintendo Power magazine, if you must know.)

Learn About My Work

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