Hey, I’m Terrence, and I’m a Connecticut wedding photographer based in Ledyard, CT.

For the longest time, I wondered how I could blend together two things that I love: technology and art.

By the same token, I dreamt of having my own business, providing a service that’s actually useful to others.

Then in 2017, the lightbulb went on and my photography studio was born. I came up with my artistically-engineered photography experience.

But that’s nothing more than than a catchy slogan.

The proof is in the way I make my couples feel about their stories.

I tell people’s love stories through photos.

Admittedly, the key is simple: I get to know you first. In other words, you talk, I listen and observe.

Because what good is trying to tell your story if I don’t bother to learn about it in the first place?

Here again, it’s my artistically-engineered photography experience, blending my techie and imaginative sides. The result is fun artwork that my couples love.

A New England guy through and through, I’ve photographed multiple weddings in Connecticut and Rhode Island, from backyards to Newport docks. To help ensure success on your wedding day, I make it a point to do my homework long before.

In conclusion, you could say that I’m a Connecticut wedding photographer who’s more than just a picture-taker.

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Guides for the Engaged

I strive to do more than just take pictures. Here are some useful resources for nearlyweds like you:

How to Propose

Maybe this goes without saying, but you can’t get married unless one of you proposes first. There’s tons of advice out there on how to go about popping the question, but much of it is old fashioned. Here’s a guide containing modern advice for asking your partner to hang around a while.

Choosing a Connecticut Wedding Photographer

You’re partnered up and couldn’t be happier. You’ve got the rings, the outfits that express your styles, and not to mention the ideal venue. Now it’s time to figure out how to capture all of that on your big day. Check out these tips for choosing a Connecticut wedding photographer.

Finding a Great Wedding DJ

Another key point about your wedding day is the music. Additionally, and actually more importantly, you’ll need someone to trust with orchestrating your reception. This individual is your wedding DJ, of course, and finding the right one is critical. Click below to learn how.

Connecticut Wedding Photography Pricing Info

All in all, your wedding will be plenty of work. I’ll make sure that your photography experience is the easy part. Here’s how it goes when you work with with me:

1. Your Story

From how you to met to what you like to do on weekends, I love the details. If all you were looking for was a person with a camera, you probably would have found them by now. Instead, let’s work together to create something special to show the world your story through photos. I believe that it starts and ends with you as a couple.

2. Your Wedding Day

Before you know it, your big day will arrive. While you and your partner are busy getting ready, seeing each other for the first time, then partying the night away, I’ll be there to document it all for you. Your wedding party, family, and friends will be involved, too. Nevertheless, we’ll also make plenty of chances to get away for couple-only portraits of just you two.

3. Your Awesome Results

Lastly, the culmination of your experience: the images. Because I strongly believe that your photos are meant to be displayed rather than just saved on your phone, all of my wedding photography packages include prints. Additionally, you’re able to pick extra artwork à la carte. Choose and enjoy archival-quality artwork sourced from my professional print lab partners. Best of all, you two help create it.

Even More Wedding Resources

Not to repeat myself, but I do more than take photos! Here are more wedding resources.

Connecticut Wedding Photography Pricing Info

A few recent examples of stories that I’ve helped tell:

Branford House Weddings

What better way to celebrate a summer of reuniting with friends and family after the Covid-19 lockdown than with a wedding day? Kristin and Rob made the most of their most joyous occasion at Avery Point’s Branford House.

Barns at Wesleyan Hills Weddings

Haley and Brendon may have opted for a cold-weather engagement session, but they heated things up with a springtime wedding. The Barns at Wesleyan Hills was their chosen venue, complete with its rustic charm and awesome string lights.

Society Room of Hartford Weddings

After their cold-weather engagement session in Hartford, Chelsea and Malcolm decided to up the ante on their wedding day. How? By getting married during a hurricane in downtown’s famous Society Room of Hartford!

“I cannot imagine a photographer doing a better job than what Terrence Irving did for us. HIRE THIS MAN.”

Maybe I’m the Connecticut wedding photographer for you. So now what?

Just click below for more info or my contact page.