A bride and groom enjoy their first kiss during their Harkness Park wedding.

Ally, Parker, and Their Harkness Park Wedding

After their engagement session in Boston, Ally and Parker made a stop at Eolia Mansion for an epic Harkness Park wedding day. Going along for the ride with them during wedding planning was great; these two are a pleasure to work with.

Perhaps most exciting was the bangin’ surprise they had planned for their guests on their wedding day. Read on to hear more!

The Vendor Team

A bride and groom bump hips while walking side by side during their Harkness Park wedding.

Their Harkness Park Wedding Story

These two met in high school in Connecticut. One of Ally and Parker’s common bonds was rowing; it was something that they enjoyed doing together.

Residing in Boston, Ally and Parker decided on a Harkness Park wedding in part to make it easy for family and friends to join them. It was a warm summer day that began with getting ready in nearby Niantic.

A bride shows off her wedding dress to her wedding attendants before her Harkness Park wedding.

Understandably, Parker was a little nervous having only ever been to one wedding ever, before his own. You never would’ve guessed it though, especially towards the end of their reception when he grabbed drumsticks and Ally grabbed the mic!

The groom wears sunglasses and plays drums while the bride smiles during this couple's Harkness Park wedding.

And a word of encouragement for you: this couple planned their entire day themselves. By not utilizing a wedding planner, they had full control (and responsibility). Their wedding day went absolutely beautifully as a result!

Here are plenty more photos from Ally and Parker’s Harkness Park wedding day:

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