Harkness Memorial State Park engagement session

A Harkness Engagement Session

Harkness…a beautiful park that makes for a beautiful engagement session

Greetings! In this blog post, I’ll show you what I did during a Harkness State Park engagement session with my newest clients, Shana and Tom. To make it worth your while, I’ll also point out three suggestions for where you should take photos at this big, beautiful location.

Location #1: The Paved Path and Grassy Area

I ended up becoming Shana and Tom’s photographer for their Harkness State Park engagement session after a referral from a mutual friend. The four of us (their dog, Logan, included) met along the paved path next to (east of) the parking lot (PDF warning). We started the shoot there, and it’s the first of my three suggestions!

Terrence Irving Photography | Ledyard, CT Engagement Photographe
A family photo to kick off this engagement session!

This path makes for some really nice depth of field-type shots during a stroll. I’m excited to shoot here again in the summer and fall.

Just to the right (east) of the path is a large, open, grassy area. Shana and Tom’s furry friend, Logan, did great. He sure did keep an eye on the camera!

Terrence Irving Photography | Ledyard, CT Engagement Photographe
Their dog, Logan, keeps a watchful eye during a loving moment.

Shana and Tom took to their feet, too, for some more shots in this area along the path.

Terrence Irving Photography | Ledyard, CT Engagement Photographe
Find yourself someone who makes you smile like this.
Terrence Irving Photography | Ledyard, CT Engagement Photographe
First dance practice, anyone?

Location #2: Behind the Mansion

When I scouted the park in preparation for this Harkness engagement session, this next area also caught my eye: the area behind the Eolia Mansion. If you have followed my work at all, you know that I love to use light. This little alcove amongst the trees provided a great opportunity!

An engaged man and woman embrace in the shade underneath some trees at Connecticut's Harkness Memorial State Park.
Taking advantage of one of the few shady spots at Harkness.

Just to the right (south) of this “tree cave” (great name, huh?) area are stairs to the mansion. This was a great spot to have my Harkness engagement session couple sit down and take a break.

Aren’t they elegant?

And this brings us to the last of my recommended locales within Harkness Memorial State Park…

Location #3: The Shoreline

Yup, I’ve saved the best for last. If you find yourself partaking in your own Harkness engagement session, be sure to get down to the water!

Having a seat along the shoreline.

The park bench here is very conducive to good couples photography due to the beautiful horizon in the distance.

Looking towards their future together.

To close out Shana and Tom’s Harkness engagement session, I decided to fade the background a little bit and get some nice, wide shots of them.

Terrence Irving Photography | Ledyard, CT Engagement Photographer
These landscape-portraits were some of my favorites shots of the day.

And lastly, a nice kiss to close things out!

Ending with a bang!

And there you have it. I had a great time capturing Shana and Tom’s Harkness engagement session. If you need a Connecticut engagement photographer, please drop me a line!

Let’s talk about your engagement session next!

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