Consider Engagement Photos in Mystic, Connecticut

When you think about southeastern Connecticut, water, the wine trail, and casinos may come to mind. But before all of these, most people probably think of a little village split between Stonington and Groton. That’s Mystic, one of the best places in CT for an engagement session.

Engaged? Well, here are three reasons why you should think about having your engagement photos in Mystic.

1. Mystic Has a Little of Everything

When planning your engagement session, you want to consider locations which have ample things to do. Obviously, your wedding photographer should have you and your partner in your element during your session. Action is where it’s at; Mystic has plenty of it.

On Main Street, you have shopping and small city feels. On Water Street, there’s pizza, beer, and pastries. But don’t forget that Mystic also has plenty of non-commercial areas. Expectedly, these are every bit as beautiful as the popular spots downtown.

A couple stops for pizza while getting their engagement photos in Mystic CT.

Kamai and Kyle were looking forward to doing a little shopping during their winter engagement session in Mystic. Jaime and Vito, meanwhile, wanted to grab their favorite white pie from Pizzetta. Mary and Ted wanted to just take a stroll away from the downtown excitement.

If you’re considering engagement photos in Mystic, be sure to talk to your photographer about the activities and sights you’d like to take try. When in doubt, hang out by the famous Mystic River Bascule Bridge and Mystic River Park.

2. Mystic Is Great During Every Season

They say that Mark Twain once said, “If you don’t like the weather in New England, just wait a few minutes.” This is especially true in Connecticut, particularly along the shoreline. With that said, the variability in weather is actually a bonus if you’re considering a Mystic engagement session.

A couple walks on a dock while working on their Mystic engagement photos.

Ready to brave the cold before their wedding, one of my client couples, Jaime and Vito, specifically wanted winter engagement photos in Mystic. This is because they got engaged near the Christmas tree in Mystic River Park.

A couple stands on a dock with snow and ice for their Mystic engagement photos.

Kamai and Kyle, an elopement couple of mine, had slightly different circumstances with similar results. For their winter session (which took place after their Stonington wedding), we lucked out and had some snow on the ground in Mystic.

A couple holds hands and walks together under fall foliage during their Mystic engagement session.

Another Stonington wedding couple of mine, Mary and Ted opted for fall engagement photos in Mystic. Naturally, we took advantage of Mystic’s walkability during their engagement session.

As you can see, you don’t have to worry about the season in Mystic. Your engagement photos here will look great any time of the year.

3. Mystic Is Convenient and Available

Perhaps best of all, Mystic is for everyone. There’s no cost required for having an engagement session here as long as you stay in public areas (permission should be requested in advance of trying to take photos in any private property, of course). The most you’ll have to pay for is probably parking in downtown Mystic.

A man and woman smile and embrace during a fall Mystic engagement session.

For people with physical accessibility requirements, Mystic is still a good fit. Mystic River Park, for example, has both stairs and a ramp leading from Main Street to the dock itself. There are public restrooms across the street from Friar Tuck’s Tavern on Water Street.

A couple walks down Main Street for their Mystic engagement photos.

Alternatives to a Mystic Engagement Session

Greater Mystic has plenty of other engagement session options. During the Covid-19 pandemic, my wife was a good sport and helped me make a silly video about having your engagement session in Mystic and the surrounding areas. You may find it helpful!

As I describe on YouTube, Ledyard, Groton, and Stonington are all great places to consider having an engagement session in this part of the state. Harkness and Haley Farm, for example, are two great parks in the area.

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If you could use some help planning your own Mystic engagement session, just use these links to learn some more about my photography.

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