One of my latest couples, Gosi and Nick, really wanted to enjoy a Prospect Park and Brooklyn Botanic Garden engagement session to kick off their wedding journey. Who was I to argue? Here’s how it went.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden Info

An engaged couple sits on stairs in the flower garden during their Brooklyn Botanic Garden engagement session.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden (that’s the official name, rather than “Brooklyn Botanical Garden” as it’s sometimes called) came to be in 1910. It consists of more than two dozen gardens, conservatories, and exhibits dedicated to urban nature. It’s operated by a nonprofit corporation.

At 52 acres, Brooklyn Botanic Garden (BBG) is located in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn, wedged as a triangle between Eastern Parkway, Flatbush Avenue, and Washington Avenue. Nearby are Brooklyn Museum and Prospect Park. My couple, Gosi and Nick, gave me some subway advice when I arrived at Grand Central Station.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden, unlike Prospect Park, charges admission. Normally, it’s just under $20 per adult. If you think about it, the fees guarantee that everyone around you during your engagement session wants to enjoy the park, too. (This is similar to Wickham Park in Connecticut.)

A couple walks arm in arm under tree cover during their Brooklyn Botanic Garden engagement session.
A couple dances and kisses during their Brooklyn Botanic Garden engagement session.

Reasons to Consider Engagement Photos at Brooklyn Botanic Garden

A man holds his partner by the waist as they look at each other and smile during their Brooklyn Botanic Garden engagement session.

At 52 acres, there’s plenty to see during a Brooklyn Botanic Garden engagement session. Here are a few reasons to consider heading there with your photographer before your wedding day:

1. The diversity of locations: At BBG, Gosi and Nick enjoyed trees, grassy fields, the Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden (with its Shinto shrine), and interspersed urban features like asphalt and stairs. Point is, Brooklyn Botanic Garden is a haven for a good photographer because of the various backdrops.

A couple stands at the far end of a living pond in a courtyard during their Brooklyn Botanic Garden engagement session.

2. Beautiful plant life: I photographed Gosi and Nick’s Botanic Garden and Prospect Park engagement session in late spring, so there were plenty of flower blooms literally everywhere. By the way, you can even have cherry blossoms in your Brooklyn Botanic Garden engagement session photos. Just like New Haven’s blossoms, those in Brooklyn Botanic Garden reach peak bloom in early spring (first couple weeks of April).

An engaged couple embraces as they are framed by hedge, pink flowers, and a white awning during their Brooklyn Botanic Garden engagement session.

3. There’s great food nearby: Conveniently, Yellow Magnolia Café inside Brooklyn Botanic Garden serves food and drinks. But the real draw here is that Crown Heights knows food. So after your BBG engagement session, definitely head out and grab something to eat. A food lover myself, my only regret during Gosi and Nick’s Brooklyn Botanic Garden engagement session is that I didn’t have time to grab dinner afterwards.

An engaged couple stops for a Brooklyn Brewing beer during their Brooklyn Botanic Garden engagement session.

Brooklyn Prospect Park Engagement Photo Session

Born and raised in the northeast, I admit that I never liked New York City until I was an adult. Now I love it. So, I couldn’t go all the way there and only see one park. Fortunately, Gosi and Nick were game to visit one more location. Therefore, I also created some Prospect Park engagement session photos for them.

The Story of Prospect Park

Development of Prospect Park began in the 1860s, designed by the same individuals responsible for Manhattan’s Central Park.

Prospect Park is massive, at over 500 acres. It touches the Crown Heights, Prospect Heights, Flatbush, Windsor Terrace, Park Slope, and Prospect Lefferts Gardens sections of Brooklyn.

Attractions of a Prospect Park Engagement Session

Here are some of the great features that make a Prospect Park engagement session a cool idea before your wedding day:

A couple poses at the entrance of a tunnel during their Prospect Park engagement session.

1. Plenty of nature: Prospect is definitely a park. You’ll find plenty of natural landscapes like trees upon trees, grassy areas, water features, a zoo, and there’s even an official Audubon Center in the park (the first one in an urban area in the entire country).

2. Cute activities for engagement photos: Want to try ice skating? Riding a carousel? Hiking or biking on trails? Prospect Park has all of these possibilities. By the way, photographers love that stuff and can turn those activities into fun-loving professional photos for you.

3. Accessibility: Unlike Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Prospect Park doesn’t have any admission fees. It has plenty of entrances opening into different parts of the borough. There are plenty of flat areas of the grounds, too.

4. Bonus Prospect Feature: The Boathouse and Picnic House are available as wedding venues. So if you absolutely love your Prospect Park engagement session, consider booking a location on the park’s grounds for your wedding day.

Prospect Park and Brooklyn Botanic Garden Engagement Photos

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