The concept of paint and sips in Connecticut is a great one. My client, John, contacted me about proposing to his girlfriend, Rebecca. It was the location that made things interesting: Muse Paintbar West Hartford. Here’s how their night went, including their awesome paint bar engagement session.

What is a “Paint and Sip” or “Paint Bar”?

A woman receives a marriage proposal before her paint bar engagement session.
An artist teaches a private class at Muse Paintbar West Hartford.
A man is down on one knee proposing to his girlfriend at Muse Paintbar West Hartford.

Generally, a paint and sip (or paint bar) is a business based on instructor-led art events held in a studio. A professional artist teaches you and your classmates how to paint something, step by step. You’d probably do this as part of a group, such as with your significant other, out with friends, or as part of an event to meet new people.

Obviously, you create your art all while sipping on alcohol, hence the name. Note, however, that you usually can’t bring your own food or alcohol (my assumption is that this is a liability thing).

Paint and sips, or paint bars, usually have a relaxed atmosphere. They provide a great way to have a fun and creative time with your partner, current friends, and new friends alike.

About Muse Paintbar

A couple paints together during their paint bar engagement session at Muse Paintbar West Hartford.

Muse Paintbar was founded in 2012 when the company opened its first location in Manchester, New Hampshire. The founder, Stan Finch, saw his business idea as “an opportunity to make people happy.”

Today, it touts itself as a woman-led business with about two dozen locations. All Muse studios are on the east coast, as far north as Portland, Maine down to Virginia Beach.

Muse Paintbar West Hartford

The front of Muse Paintbar West Hartford, a popular paint and sip in Connecticut.

Muse Paintbar West Hartford opened in 2013. This was the company’s second ever studio and its first location to be open in Connecticut. People love it; it has almost 200 reviews on Google with a 4.7-star rating.

Not only is this particular Muse Paintbar studio great, but it’s also located in the beautiful Blue Back Square section of West Hartford. There’s tons of other things to do in this part of the city, much of it walkable.

So yeah, Muse Paintbar West Hartford is on the best Connecticut date ideas list for good reason.

Other Paint and Sips in Connecticut

In addition to Muse Paintbar West Hartford, there are several other paint and sips in Connecticut:

  1. Muse Paintbar Milford (Milford, CT)
  2. Essex Paint and Sip Paint Bar (Essex, CT)
  3. Board & Brush Creative Studio (Mystic, CT)
  4. Painting with a Twist (Hartford, CT)
  5. Paint Sip Fun (Somers, CT)
  6. Pinot’s Palette (Stamford, CT)

John and Rebecca’s Paint Bar Engagement Session

Now it’s time to get back to John’s surprise proposal. He sold it to Rebecca by promising to book a private Muse Paintbar class with some close family, followed by dinner in downtown West Hartford.

The crowd at popular Connecticut paint and sip Must Paintbar West Hartford cheers as a man proposes to his partner.
A man proposes to his girlfriend with an engagement ring at Muse Paintbar West Hartford.

I arrived, made my way through the general area and into the private classroom, and introduced myself to John and Rebecca’s party. Their art instructor, Jenna, and I spoke beforehand.

A couple kisses during their paint bar engagement session.

John’s proposal went great! John literally placed down his paintbrush, got on one knee, and pulled the engagement ring to propose right there in the studio. Beautiful. Then we jumped into their paint bar engagement session (a first for me).

Exploring Blue Back Square and Downtown West Hartford

Muse Paintbar West Hartford was nice enough to let us take some photos in both the private and group portions of their paint and sip studio. Afterwards, Rebecca, John, and I headed outside to explore the city a little. It was a great evening for sure.

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