As a wedding photographer, I’m obsessed with printed artwork (especially magazines). That’s why when I scored the opportunity to have my work featured in The Connecticut Bride magazine, I nearly did a backflip.

Getting Published in The Connecticut Bride Magazine

Like many people living in the state, I’ve been aware of Connecticut Bride all of my life. It’s always on the shelves of supermarket and pharmacy newsstands.

Terrence Irving Photography featured in The Connecticut Bride magazine.
Bride and groom addressing guests with a microphone during their Stonington wedding cocktail hour.
Terrence Irving Photography featured in The Connecticut Bride magazine.

It’s pretty cool that even more people can see my work, characterized by my bold contrast and strong control of lighting. (The only thing the magazine doesn’t really convey is how fun of a person I am, I might add.)

I’m always looking to improve content that I put out there. Naturally, then, it made sense to respond to The Connecticut Bride magazine editor’s call for submissions about this venue.

An Unwritten Award: It’s a Real Connecticut Wedding

To make sure that potential couples have plenty of inspiration beyond Pinterest boards, the industry actually fakes weddings all the time.

That’s right: “styled shoots” are essentially casting calls where vendors get together, orchestrate a theme, and then hire models (which may be regular people, mind you).

The Connecticut Bride magazine is known to provide features like this from time to time. And there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s worth noting, however, that Mary and Ted’s wedding was a real-life one!

Always Ask for Real Wedding Galleries

If a reputable New England publications like The Connecticut Bride is willing to publish model sessions amongst real weddings, do engaged couples need to watch out for this? Absolutely.

In everything from Facebook ads to their websites, there are vendors out there who publicly share their styled shoot work. I think this is OK, but only if they are clearly disclosing it. Obviously, this can be particularly misleading when it comes to wedding photography and video professionals.

Terrence Irving Photography featured in The Connecticut Bride magazine.

As an engaged couple, you’ll have a much safer experience looking for a wedding photographer if you always request real, full galleries.

You can’t get something like this from Connecticut Bride magazine, but photographers will provide this info when requested (you should run if they won’t, as I suggest in this post about choosing a wedding photographer).

More About the Wedding in My Connecticut Bride Magazine Feature

For more info about my wedding which was featured in The Connecticut Bride magazine, just click here.

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