Becoming a Better Connecticut Couple Photographer

My first model call, a search for Connecticut couples for a portrait session, was a success

Well, you heard about the first Terrence Irving Photography model call. In fact, maybe you were one of about five dozen couples who entered (if so, thank you). You knew that was I organizing it so that I could establish myself further as a Connecticut couple photographer. You heard me respond emphatically, “For portfolio building” when asked why I was doing it in first place. So, how did it turn out?

What’s the deal with this again?

OK, that’s a fair question. As I outlined in my last blog post last month, I decided to host a Connecticut shoreline couple photography model call at Harkness Memorial State Park. The goal was to attract more couples to Terrence Irving Photography by building my portfolio, advertising, and generating more word of mouth.

And how did this help you become a better Connecticut couple photographer?

By practicing! I had heard it a million times, online and in person: “Once you try and take your photography to the professional level, you’ll end up taking pictures 10% of the time and doing business stuff 90% of the time.” In my case, since I’ve been running Terrence Irving Photography, that advice has been true.

After running this event, I can say that I’m thankful for my couples for three reasons:

  1. They helped me practice my photography. Yes, I took lots of pictures, many of which were winners for my portfolio.
  2. Interacting with them allowed me to find ways to improve the way I run my business. From start to finish, I took each couple through my entire artistically-engineered approach to photography, treating them like the important clients that they are. Remember, I compensated them for their time.
  3. Meeting them was just plain fun and interesting. This one is most important! Reflecting on the past few weeks has caused me to think about some of the bad customer service experiences I’ve had or heard about. I got to work with eight enthusiastic, wonderful strangers that I may have never met if I didn’t go out on a limb here with this venture.

Enough words, get to the photos

You got it. But first, here’s a quick video showing a behind-the-scenes view of my session with one of them!

Now, let me introduce you to the couples and show you some photos.

Couple #1: Katie and Chris

Well, I’m human and I make mistakes. What am I referring to? I booked Katie and Chris too early in the morning, before Harkness was even open. Whoops! They were really good sports though and agreed, on the fly, to meet me next door at Waterford Beach Park instead. We definitely made the most of it!

With a blue sky above them, a man and woman embrace while smiling in Connecticut's Waterford Beach State Park.
A morning on the beach with Katie and Chris.

Couple #2: Brittany and James

Day two took place alongside Eolia Mansion at Harkenss. Business and art people themselves, Brittany and James came to their session ready to work! You know your clients are into it when they arrive with their own soundtrack (for real: a Bluetooth speaker complete with Sam Cooke classics to boot).

A Connecticut couple, man and woman, embrace, smile, and stand in front of a stone wall covered in green ivy.
There were no birds around, but I asked Brittany and James to pretend there were. They obliged!

Couple #3: Lauren and Johannah

I lucked out in meeting these two! As I work towards, hopefully, photographing weddings (my first one is in just a few weeks!), wouldn’t you know that one of my couples is already in the wedding vendor industry? Lauren operates The Traveling Comb, a formal event hair stylist service for weddings and beyond. Her wife, Johannah, is expecting, adding another beautiful element to their session!

A married Connecticut couple faces each other and smile while one places her hands lovingly on the pregnant midsection of her expecting wife.
Lauren and Johannah demonstrate what to expect when you’re expecting…

Couple #4: Audrey and Kenny

Audrey and Kenny closed out the model call weekend with some nice shots underneath a beautiful sunset. We used that to our advantage, taking in the colors right up until a park ranger came by to let us know that the park was closing!

“Now for this one, get close.” Bingo, Audrey and Kenny nailed it!

In closing, thank you again to all of the couples!

To all of my couples, thank you for participating and helping me become better Connecticut couple photographer! You all left your homes, met me at these locations, and put up with me having you walk all over the place listen to my camera click-click-click. Very shortly, I’ll have your prints in your hands and I hope you enjoy them for years to come!

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