A couple exchanges rings during their ceremony at Eolia Mansion, a garden wedding venue in Connecticut.

Park and Garden Wedding Venues in CT

In the spring and summer months, flowers and trees are in full bloom in CT. This makes parks and gardens great options for weddings during these times of the year. This is a compilation of some great park and garden wedding venues in Connecticut.

1. Pond House Café (West Hartford)

Without doubt, West Hartford’s Elizabeth Park is is one of the most popular garden wedding venues in Connecticut. Therefore, Pond House Café’s location there makes it an attractive option amongst places to get married. Your wedding of up to 150 is welcome here, where ceremonies on the patio and indoor receptions are common.

One reviewer who got married at this venue says, “The venue is lovely, and leadership has done a great job to make planning relatively stress free. They provide an excellent menu, and handle most of the details…” Having photographed and attended weddings here, I agree.

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The bride poses with her bridesmaids during her wedding in Elizabeth Park.
Pond House Café / Elizabeth Park

2. Lighthouse Point Park (New Haven)

Lighthouse Point Park in New Haven is home to Five Mile Point Light and is a wedding venue in its own right. It’s owned and operated by the City of New Haven and gets you access to the famous carousel on site. It’s an excellent choice for a park wedding venue in CT.


A couple holds hands at Lighthouse Point Park, one of the park wedding venues in Connecticut.
Lighthouse Point Park

3. The Cabin at Hilltop Garden at Wickham Park (Manchester)

Sitting at the summit of the “big hill” at Wickham Park is The Cabin at Hilltop Garden. With room for 150, this cabin is located in the beautiful expanse that is Wickham Park. You’ll also get an awesome view of the downtown Hartford skyline.

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4. Eolia Mansion at Harkness / Harkness Memorial State Park (Waterford)

The sister venue to Branford House, Eolia Mansion at Harkness Memorial State Park is located in nearby Waterford. This gorgeous historic mansion is located on 200+ acres of outdoor space; the photo opportunities are literally limitless. Don’t forget to get down to the beach once you let loose during your wedding celebration.

What’s really great about this location is that Harkness has an extensive, well-maintained flower garden. And similar to Avery Point, Harkness is huge and provides plenty of photo ops for your wedding. This makes it an excellent garden wedding venue in Connecticut.

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A couple exchanges rings during their ceremony at Eolia Mansion, a garden wedding venue in Connecticut.
Eolia Mansion / Harkness Memorial State Park

Additional Park and Garden Venues in CT

Harkness Memorial State Park, Haley Farm State Park, Waveny House, Tarrywile Mansion, The Whittemore at Vyne, Salem Herbfarm, Wooster Square Park

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